November 2010

29 Nov MR-16 halogen Vs. MR-16 LED

By Michael Gambino Recently LED's ( or Light Emitting Diodes) have become the focal point of greatly heated debate within the landscape lighting industry. Some of the major players have invested big with the design of proprietary fixtures with integral LED technology while others have offered...

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17 Nov Lighting Gloom!

Gloom, the very opposite of glare can be just as annoying. It would be better to allow the light of the moon and stars than to artificially create gloom light the garden. In this, the garden of uncertain vision, you must watch your footing. Constant...

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17 Nov Illuminating Footsteps

My chief design objective in developing lighting programs for paths and steps is to make certain people can move comfortably and easily through exterior spaces at night as they transition from one destination to another....

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