High Performance LED landscape Lighting in Los Angeles (without the guilt)

High Performance LED landscape Lighting in Los Angeles (without the guilt)

by Mike Gambino

This  beautiful, recently completed, backyard pool area project features low wattage energy saving Gambino LED lighting. Not only is it strikingly beautiful at night but provides for safety around the pool area and soft ambient light for relaxation after a long day of work.

The clients at first requested I adjust the control system to turn the lighting off at midnight. However upon receiving their electric bill after the first month the lighting was in operation and after immensely enjoying not only the look but the emotional feel of the lighting system. The clients requested I come out to adjust the controller from midnight to stay on until daybreak.

They can do this in good conscience and not feel that they are being energy hogs as this portion of their lighting system consumes a miniscule amount of energy. To be precise less than 100 watts.

These homeowners are truly enjoying their Gambino High Performance Low voltage LED landscape lighting system without the guilt.

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