Sustainability-Landscape lighting designed and built to last

Sustainability-Landscape lighting designed and built to last

By Mike Gambino

For as long as I can remember that has been the slogan here at Gambino landscape lighting, High Performance Landscape lighting systems designed and built to last. It’s not only our slogan but it is our company culture. Every time we are pressed into making a decision on how to build something, what materials to use etc. this is the number one consideration at the top of  the list. Personally I have always believed that the best test of the quality of  ones work or efforts is if it will outlast the artist who created it. Will it still be there and relevant long after its creator is gone? The first question we ask ourselves is Will it last ? Will it stand the test of time? It factors in at the start from the concept of all of the proprietary products we design and have built for our systems and all the way through our process of custom building our systems on client’s properties.

But it doesn’t stop there, not only must it last but it must perform at the highest level that it was originally intended when conceived. On the front end that means doing everything we can to make sure that our systems look their best at all times even before they are actually built. On the back end that means doing everything we can to ensure that we are the ones who maintain, repair, upgrade it need be after its been built on our client’s property.


This Gambino “Monaco” solid copper spread light with antique copper patina finish is built rock solid to stand the proverbial test of time

There’s no denying that a Gambino landscape lighting system is clearly not built for user-serviceable maintenance, repair or upgrade. This may spark some debate on both the customer friendliness vs. the environmental responsibility of this kind of system building.

The reality is that few of our clients ever maintain, repair or upgrade their landscape lighting systems themselves (or even turn to third-party services for maintenance, repairs or upgrades)  following this logic, you could say that these systems are more efficient — and arguably more environmentally friendly — custom designs than the  norm. Our clients do not object to this kind of system building and in fact is the main reason they decide to hire us as their service provider.

Move beyond the immediate economic question, though, and you’ll uncover what I think is one of the biggest benefits of the Gambino design legacy: this stuff is made to last. Several times a year, our hardware products that are, in terms of pure design smarts and innovation, leagues beyond what our competitors are capable of, are evaluated with the thought of how they can be improved is possible.

This Gambino lighting system was designed and built in 1995 and has been regularly maintained by Gambino landscape lighting. Photo taken spring 2013

This Gambino lighting system was designed and built in 1995 and has been regularly maintained by Gambino landscape lighting. Photo taken spring 2013

As a result our systems are more beautiful, better built and, admittedly, longer-lasting than just about any other lighting system out there. The durability of a typical lighting system is two or three years, ours are designed to last for decades and beyond with proper care.

With lesser quality systems it is true that most system hardware is cheaper to discard than to repair or upgrade. But property owners really want hardware that’s capable of lasting more than two or three years. Sadly though the fact is that cheaply built systems, by the time it reaches its third birthday, it’s owners have to start thinking about its replacement.

To me, the most disappointing thing about this is that, cheaply built systems consisting of inferior hardware, over time they inevitably begin to look worse than they did on the day they were purchased. Some system hardware like copper and brass look better as time goes on like copper and brass that take on a beautiful and unique patina or antique finish, but not cheap stuff. Every scratch, scuff, ding and crack starts the process of decay as it opens it up to  environmental exposure which will accelerate its demise. That’s a great business strategy for some (not us) but it’s not a great design legacy, to say nothing of its sustainability. We get a lot of kudos for how beautiful our hardware looks today, but in the long run, it may be judged as much for how long lasting it is too.

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