Bespoke Landscape Lighting

Bespoke Landscape Lighting

By Mike Gambino

“Bespoke (adjective)

(Of goods, especially clothing) made to order:

’a bespoke suit’”


garden space“Bespoke” is a term, more common in Britain than here in the US, for things that are made to order. For example, I would love to get a bespoke suit someday. A suit made by hand, tailored to fit my body, just for me, after being carefully measured would be so much better than the off the rack suits I have now.

In the same way, a bespoke landscape lighting system is superior as well. How? And superior to what? Isn’t every landscape lighting system “Bespoke” or “Custom”?

Bespoke or Custom Landscape Lighting Design:

A bespoke landscape lighting system is specifically designed for your property and your family’s lifestyle. When it’s completed it feels like an extension of you and your home. It will be designed for you and built specifically for you. But doesn’t that describe every landscape? Or at least every one that you would get no matter who you hired as your landscape lighting designer/builder ? No.

A Bespoke landscape lighting system is created using the most basic building blocks that are feasible with the latest proven installation techniques. Cable and Conduit is laid out, Soil is moved and returned, transformers are hung, LED’s are chosen and fitted, fixtures are carefully chosen and placed.

It is not a collection of pre-made or modular elements arranged attractively. bullet uplight over there, tree mounted downlight over there, Mushroom style spread light here…. 

It is also not merely a slight alteration of every other landscape lighting system that the contractor has done. That would be repetitive and boring.

Bespoke landscape lighting ages well too. They are not made with the cheapest materials available. landscape Lighting design trends will only be utilized if they are the best fit. Sure, Bistro and string lights are hot right now- but are they appropriate for your site?

If you decide that you want a truly custom landscape lighting system, how can you be sure that you get one?

A Bespoke Landscape Designer/Builder:

There are no shortcuts to this.

  • Has a landscape lighting project portfolio that reflects his style, applied in many different ways. There will be commonalities across the portfolio, but it won’t be the same landscape lighting system over and over and over again.
  • Takes the time needed to consult with you at your site. Before garden lighting designs and solutions are offered, time is taken to understand and implement your needs and preferences.
  • Has Skilled Craftsmen who can execute a landscape lighting design properly. Not all landscape lighting companies are equal. Experience and attention to detail are often the key.
  • Takes time (again) to get the landscape right. Many of the popular solutions in landscaping today are popular because they are fast and don’t require a skilled worker.
  • Puts you first without compromising quality. The landscape design will really be yours- what you would have designed if you knew what the designer does.
  • Specifies and elects products only that are appropriate to the site and the project that are built with quality materials to last
  • Builds the system so it’s more easy to upgrade and maintain, places power cable inside of rigid electrical conduit and buries below grade so it is hidden and will not be easily damaged.

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  • Mark Carlson
    Posted at 14:28h, 20 January Reply

    Great points and wonderful article on the very nature of this topic. It’s interesting at how many tradesmen make this and like claims….we are ‘experts’….we provide ‘bespoke’ lighting systems…..we are ‘state of the art’…..really? How does one back up these claims? How many of the public….the consumer market really take the time to question this/these statements? That’s the sad part of this….very few, if any question at all Instead, they either assume or trust the energetic salesman of these claims.

    Mike, I find your statements about the products used and the practices employed in making these systems the best they possibly can to be a very relevant part of this. If a contractor is utilizing average or mediocre products and performing average installation methods, then how does this make them ‘bespoke’ or top-notch in the industry?

    In short, many use these “words” as a form of selling hype because most will not question it.

  • Mike Gambino
    Posted at 14:47h, 20 January Reply

    Mark I could not agree more with your comments. Thanks for contributing !

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