The Gambino High Performance LED Landscape Lighting System…. There is truly Magic in those lights !

The Gambino High Performance LED Landscape Lighting System…. There is truly Magic in those lights !

By Mike Gambino

Not because I, the owner operator of the company says so, but because so many of our clients have told us over the years that our lighting systems are “Magical”. I used to dismiss this proclamation however I’ve heard it so many times now from so many different clients over the years that the use of the word “Magic” and “Magical” being used over and over in the context to describe our lighting systems is no coincidence and can no longer be dismissed.

Some of the definitions and explanations of Magic I found online which I believe are appropriate in regard to Gambino High Performance Landscape Lighting are:

The use of special powers to make things happen that would usually be impossible

 A special, exciting quality that makes something or someone different and better than others

Magic is also the skill of performing tricks to entertain people

1-blog-palms-001After all, how else can you explain a situation where a prospect who becomes a client and has made it clear that they only had a modest amount of dollars to spend on landscape lighting and even that was stretching the budget. And on the first night the lights go on they are increasing the scope of the project, adding lighting into places where they had previously said they didn’t need it and do not even ask how much the additional cost would be and they gladly pay the increased cost without even batting an eye.

This is something that has happened over and over again this year. Some of our projects have doubled and even tripled in size this year alone.

So are these people not being honest about their budget from the get go and use this tactic as a point of negotiation. Maybe, but that doesn’t fully explain their sudden and drastic change of heart. At times I equate a landscape lighting systems to what they say about eating potato chips. One can’t stop at just one.

1-blog-sideyardLandscape lighting is called a system because it takes multiple components all working together to get the desired effect. And in regards to fixtures it takes many more than most people originally think it will to create an aesthetically pleasing, safe and secure environment after dark. I think that most people quickly realize this once a system has been turned on. It’s not just a matter of brightness but building values in the scene but using different levels of light aimed at acute and sometime unnatural and unusual angles that create these magical effects.

FB Nightingale, the founding father of landscape lighting, called himself a magician of light and the mystifier. I would imagine since he was the first of his kind and nobody had ever seen lighting in the garden before it must have made a huge impact. So to say that his lighting was magical or mystical then that probably wasn’t that much of a stretch.

But landscape lighting is not new and in fact has been around for more than 70 years and most people have experienced at multiple times in their lifetime so why is a Gambino landscape lighting system magical?

Simply put because a Gambino High Performance LED landscape lighting system is distinctively different. It is not the one fixture per tree with the same beam and brightness level run of the mill common variety, very far from it.

1-blog-backyardA Gambino system is a well thought out design that is built around the individual homeowner’s wants needs and budget. They are built with consistency the same way using the same sequential order, by owner operator Mike Gambino, that has been developed and perfected over the past 27 years.

This is not to say that everything stays the same. Improvements and innovations are constantly being implemented as new and better technology evolves. But the same core values apply.

A Gambino High Performance Landscape Lighting system is designed and Built to last today just like our first system built in 1990.

In fact that system still exists almost entirely in its original condition today. A few years back we upgraded it to LED. We still service it on a regular basis.

Not too many can honestly make that claim.

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