Building a Custom Gambino LED landscape lighting system in Winter in Los Angeles

Building a Custom Gambino LED landscape lighting system in Winter in Los Angeles

By Mike Gambino

Some say it’s the best time to have a custom Gambino LED landscape lighting system built on their property. The daylight hours are short, it gets darker sooner and although here locally in southern California it is still very mild during the day, many people ask us if we can build a landscape lighting system in the winter time and the answer to this is always a resounding YES! In fact, there are many reasons that building outside of the heat of the summer season would be a great benefit.

The largest misconceptions is that it is “cheaper” to build a landscape lighting  system in the winter. In actuality, the cost of the materials often does not decrease but some design builders will offer an extra incentive to get this moving now. Below are a list of items that you may want to consider. We are sure there are many more!

  1. Longer hours of enjoyment- It gets darker earlier in the winter This means plenty of time in the evening and early morning to enjoy your new Gambino High Performance custom LED landscape lighting masterpiece!

  1. Weather – Even though it is not hot outside the weather is perfect to work outdoors. A little rain now and again does not impede construction much the way it does in the spring. Some wet days can cause for much longer set-backs in the spring than it ever will now.
  2. Crew Fatigue – Since we are a “seasonal” business in that many people want to be done to enjoy during warm season months, our guys are killing themselves to get as much done as possible in the worst working conditions of summer. Having them build in the cooler months can often lend back to more “amenable” attitudes for a little extra performance and perfection!
  3. Custom Design and Landscape – Quite often a homeowner will be more than surprised by the transformation taking place in their backyard. Often enough this will inspire some new and creative ideas that they would like to implement. If construction starts in the fall/winter then they can be assured to have plenty of time to make all of their finished landscaping and lighting decisions!
  4. Inventory – Even though stocking levels are at their highest in the summer months, so are the demands for the landed inventory. Placing orders and beginning projects in the fall and winter can often assist in keeping “Murphy’s Law” at bay.
  5. Seasonal color- Unlike other parts of the country at this time of year whose landscaping is in dormancy or under a cover of snow. Southern California gardens show some of their most spectacular colors during the cooler seasons of winter. Seasonal flowers like cyclamen, begonia, pansies and violets thrive and are in full bloom. Cool season turf grasses  are a darker shade of  green, Azaleas, Camellias are in bloom with beautiful whites, pink and red colors and bird of paradise show their beautiful blue, orange and white displays.
  6. Be ready for warm weather enjoyment- It’s no secret that people spend more time outdoors in warmer months than they certainly do in the winter. Having a lighting system built and completed now ensures a full season of enjoyment without delays when things get real busy during spring and summer months. Sometimes reminding buyers that there will never be a better time than now can be just the motivation to get the contracts signed and moving!


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