Time and Planning a Custom Landscape Lighting System

Time and Planning a Custom Landscape Lighting System

By Mike Gambino

They say that time is the great equalizer. Everyone has the exact same amount of time. It’s what we choose to do with our time that is important. Our choices reflect our priorities. We make time for those things that are important to us. We don’t make time for those things that are not important to us.

The way we spend our time is a much better indication of our priorities than anything else. Talk is cheap. If we say that something is important to us but then never “have the time” for it, the reality is that there are things that are more important to us.

For example, if I were to say that having a custom landscape lighting installed system installed on my property was important to me but my good intentions never led to actually following through, it would be reasonable to conclude that I have other priorities in my life.

Even though we wholeheartedly believe that this is important, our higher priorities win out.

The way we spend our money is also not the best indicator of our highest priorities, although it is often closely related. In fact, many people spend money on things specifically to be perceived in a certain way. Writing a check is a fairly painless thing to do, especially if there is no hardship created by it and usually doesn’t require an investment in time or much effort. A donation shows a level of support without sacrificing our time. We’ve all heard the phrase, “follow the money.” I say, “follow the Actions.” What we actually do and invest our precious time in is more telling than how we spend our money.

Most of my clients are business owners and business executives. These busy people never have enough time in the day for all of the things they need or want to accomplish. Most of them have a very clear understanding of their priorities. They proactively plan ahead. They block and schedule their time. They protect their time. They are on-time and not late. They see their time as a precious resource that cannot be wasted. I am very much this way. These people rarely utter the words, “I don’t have time.” Instead, they say, “I’ll make time and get it done.” However, others are just the opposite.

In my experience, some people struggle to focus their time on their highest priorities. They don’t spend much time planning or establishing clear priorities. They approach each day without scheduling their time. They allow interruptions and distractions to eat up precious time. They can be heard saying things like, “there’s not enough time in the day, if only I had more time, I’d love to but I just don’t have enough time, etc.”

Which camp are you in? Are you in charge of your time or does everyone else control your time for you? Do you have clear knowledge of your priorities and are you taking intentional steps toward them?

If you’re interested in planning to have a custom high performance Gambino landscape lighting installed on your property to enjoy this summer on into the future , I highly recommend contacting us now to get the process started.

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