How to Find the Best Custom Landscape Lighting Design Build Company Near Los Angeles

How to Find the Best Custom Landscape Lighting Design Build Company Near Los Angeles

By Mike Gambino

When it comes to Landscape improvement, the Los Angeles area is in no short supply. Whether you’re looking for a Pool Builder or you’re on the lookout for the best landscape contractor to do a remodel of your landscaping, you’ve got a plethora of great options at your fingertips. This area is a cornucopia of service providers—a huge plus for those living here. However, it can also be a bit overwhelming to choose from such a wide variety.

If you’re looking to get a Custom landscape Lighting System Designed and Installed, it can be daunting to select a company that you want to work with. Aside from seeing a company performing an install for a neighbor or doing a quick Google search, you might not know how many custom Professional Landscape Lighting specialist companies are available or how they differ from each other. Following these simple steps, however, can go a long way toward streamlining the process and making your life just a little bit easier.

Step 1: Ask Around

Chances are good that someone in your social circle has worked with a custom Landscape Lighting company or knows someone who has. Word of mouth is the strongest recommendation for a service, after all, and you can usually trust that a company endorsed by a friend is doing great work. Speak with neighbors on your block first and then expand to friends in your local area or online social media communities to see which companies they may have used in the past.

Taking this idea further, you also want to consider people who are within the “two degrees of separation” category. Speak with local real estate agents, home developers, interior designers, or architects you come across or have worked with already. These professionals are bound to have a custom Landscape Lighting provider in their network and can provide you with a good place to start.

 Step 2: Compare Online Resources

After you’ve got a couple of company names to consider, start digging into the online resources that they provide. Go to each company’s website and examine their organization system offerings. You’re not likely to find exact price points online, as a general rule, but you will be able to get ideas for different lighting effects, areas of the property that otherwise were not considered, and other design elements based on the work the company has already completed.

The internet is full of marketing ploys and an overwhelming amount of resources to sift through, but there is one incredibly helpful corner that you’ll also want to check out: the company’s accolades. Read up on reviews from third party resources to see what other customers have to say. These elements can give an even clearer picture of what it’s like to work with each company.

Step 3: Visit Local Custom Installations

Some are visual by nature, and learn best when they can see products and special lighting effects in person rather than online. Customers who visit our project sites always ask valuable questions and have experiences that you just can’t replicate on a website. Visiting the projects of each company under consideration lets you view their products in person, and you can also get a good feel for the company’s capabilities while you’re there. Going in person during the day at a current install has some serious benefits:

  • You can speak with a design expert.Who knows? This person might end up being your first choice when starting your project at home, and you’ve already made a strong connection. If you can speak with the team members—or, better yet, the owner and founder of the company—that’s a good sign if they are on the job site that the company truly cares about their customers.
  • You’ll learn about the company’s values.National franchises often have a very different outlook from locally owned and independently operated companies. This perspective becomes apparent when you visit job site location, and this insight can help you decide which approach best fits your personality.
  • You see their best products in person.A picture may be worth a thousand words, but seeing the drama of shadow patterns projected on an architectural wall or the dramatic uplighting of a majestic tree can be worth even more. Portfolio photographs, by nature, are there to display the best of what a company offers. However, the discerning customer will also ask to see examples of proposed products.

Step 4: Schedule a Consultation

It’s best that you should only schedule a consultation when you’re ready to buy a custom landscape lighting system, this step is crucial for finding a good fit and company to work with. A paid, in home design consultation with an experienced industry design specialist gives you a glimpse of the service you’d be signing up for.

As a landscape lighting designer myself, I would personally recommend that you get a consultation from the top two or three specialized landscape lighting only companies you’re considering. Evaluate the service you receive from each designer. Compare the design elements and products offered that each company recommends for your outdoor space. And, of course, you’ll be eager to compare quote prices but make sure you are comparing equivalent quotations. This process is part of being an informed consumer, and can help provide you with the best service in the industry.

Finding the Best Specialized Landscape Lighting Company

Living in a resource-rich area like Los Angeles gives you access to a full range of what the landscape lighting industry has to offer. Selecting the company that’s perfect for you might seem daunting at first, but becomes easier once you’ve done your research. These steps will help guide you through the process and save you a lot of back and forth. In no time, you’ll be able to find a company and a custom landscape lighting system that you’re more than satisfied with.

Looking for a great landscape lighting specialized company? Gambino landscape Lighting is a locally owned and operated Los Angeles area company that’s dedicated to bringing your landscape lighting dreams to life. With a reputation for excellent customer service, we look forward to helping you find the right custom landscape lighting for your home.  Contact us to learn more about what makes our company unique in the industry.

This landscape lighting blog is published by Mike Gambino of Gambino landscape lighting inc. all rights reserved. Mike is a professional landscape lighting system designer/ builder and has been designing, installing and maintaining landscape lighting systems for more than 29 years. Mike resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 2 sons. To visit his website go to . To inquire about hiring Mike please click here .


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