Purchasing Landscape and Garden Lighting Equipment Online

Purchasing Landscape and Garden Lighting Equipment Online

By Mike Gambino

The Internet is a tremendous resource offering access to a wealth of information on virtually any product or service. While we highly recommend using the Internet for researching Landscape and Garden Lighting, we strongly urge you to be wary of sites offering such products for direct sale. These sites will require you to arrange for installation yourself and do not include any labor warranty coverage on your purchase.

Gambino Landscape Lighting Does not install or offer service or support for end user supplied materials.

Landscape and Garden lighting systems, as well as Landscape and Garden lighting equipment, are intended to be installed by qualified professionals only. In order to function safely and properly, they must be designed specifically for your home. These systems include connections to your home or businesses main electrical power supply and control systems which are regulated by a variety of laws, building codes, or guidelines. Failure to properly install a system can lead not only to performance issues, but also safety concerns or property damage including risk of fire. Product Warranty coverage may also be affected, due to improper installation. There are also governmental requirements that, if not met, can result in significant fines. Qualified contractors should have the appropriate licenses.

Selecting your service provider

Almost 30 years ago Gambino landscape Lighting made a choice to sell a better product that offers more to their clients. Every system we sell, design and install has our brand name on our own proprietarily built equipment. Believing in a job well done, a fact that’s reflected in our professionalism, and in the work we perform.

Owner Mike Gambino isn’t a salesperson, he is a consultant. Someone who will use his expertise in Quality creative low energy high performance landscape lighting to help you select the system that is perfect for your property, your budget and your lighting needs. Here are some other factors to consider when selecting your designer/builder:

  • Is your designer/builder properly licensed in your state?
  • Can your designer/builder provide emergency service hours if needed?
  • Can your designer/builder provide you with a detailed written contract that covers the equipment to be installed, warranty coverage, and extended ongoing service plans?
  • Is the designer/builder properly insured?
  • Will your designer/builder share customer satisfaction testimonials with you?

You may be wondering why Gambino landscape Lighting doesn’t include any product or installation pricing on our website.

Like every major landscape and garden lighting designer/builder, we don’t include prices because there are actually many factors that go into the end price of each lighting system, including geography, installation costs, the possibility of new electrical work and more. In addition, ALL Gambino landscape Lighting systems are custom built and configurable to each individual property and to buyers needs and requirements. No two systems are ever the same or comparable so online pricing isn’t practical. The best way to get a price for your specific project is to contact Gambino landscape Lighting for a professional design consultation at your site for full and thorough evaluation of your needs.

This landscape lighting blog is published by Mike Gambino of Gambino landscape lighting inc. all rights reserved. Mike is a professional landscape lighting system designer/ builder and has been designing, installing and maintaining landscape lighting systems for more than 29 years. Mike resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 2 sons. To visit his website go to www.Gambinolighting.com . To inquire about hiring Mike please click here .

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