Desire Amazing Landscape Lighting ?

Desire Amazing Landscape Lighting ?

By Mike Gambino

You need the perfect PLAN to dream with.

You need an incredible TEAM to orchestrate it all.

You need Gambino to makes it EASY as one, two, three.



  • FIRST: Take as many high resolution photos of your site needed to give a visual tour (panorama shots ideal) . Email full resolution site photos and any existing site plan / architectural drawings along with notations to
  • SECOND: Fill out the contact page. We’ll communicate by email or phone to set your consultation .
  • THIRD: Gather imagery (via things like printouts from our website gallery or social media accounts, magazine cutouts or other idea books) for our consult, showing what you like (and don’t like).

ON-SITE MEETING ($100-150 redeemable deposit – greater Los Angeles Area):  I come to you, to meet with all decision makers and walk your site in person.

DEFINE YOUR OBJECTIVES: The goal of the consultation is to reach a general consensus from all parties, identifying:

  • SITE CONDITIONS: What’s not working yet about your site’s landscape lighting existing conditions and what are your site’s strengths to be accentuated.
  • PROJECT OBJECTIVES: What are the key features, amenities, and stylistic / esthetic themes that you would like to have in your ideal nighttime environment.
  • TAILORED DESIGN SERVICES: Arrive at an agreed upon scope and cost for conceptual design and installation, based upon the previous determinations and present a cost to complete the work all inclusive for your project right at this meeting.


  • GAMBINO’S CONTRIBUTION: Gambino will be showing you case study projects as examples of solutions that, from his experience, speak to similar challenges and opportunities presented by your project site.
  • YOUR CONTRIBUTION: The success of the consult meeting is directly proportional to your level of preparation. The more familiar you are in advance, with imagery, styles, and amenities, and the more agreement you have in advance with your spouse regarding your wish list, the more easily you will be able to respond to Gambino’s presentation in order to achieve consensus and move forward toward your goal.
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET: Developing a well thought out program is the directive that guides the design process, and that is where we start. Immediately  After your consultation, Gambino will prepare a written summary that outlines the determinations that were made in our consultation, bringing clarity and focus of what is needing to be addressed in the design. This will help summarize what was discussed and agreed upon. In addition to having a working program for design objectives, you will also receive a proposal which includes supply of all materials and labor required to install your dream landscape lighting system. It is not customary for us to prepare drawings, as this is the end product of many hours of site measuring, and is very costly. For 30 years we have successfully designed and installed landscape lighting systems for satisfied clients without even one time preparing a formal written schematic or design plan. We would rather use the budget to produce a spectacular lighting system rather than a sheet of paper that will sit in a drawer and collect dust once the job is done.


  • DREAM FIRST: The best design will be a result of your site conditions and wish list. Gambino’s goal is to first create a master plan for your entire project. Once your ideal layout is determined, then you will have a sense of clarity regarding your projects potential, direction and cost.
  • QUANTIFY SECOND: Then and only then can you quantify, measure and explore cost options, which will guide you in determining which finishes and features are preferred.
  • STRATEGIZE THIRD: Once the design and respective pricing is done, you are now empowered to know exactly what  your priorities are and how to achieve what you want, on your terms, in your timing.


  • Gambino’s forte is assembling a team of accomplished artisans that orchestrate the entire project for you, start to finish. These are a vetted installers, team players, hands on orchestrators that thrive on details and the finesse of pulling it all together. And to top it off, they are insightful designers in their own right, perfecting the vision.
  • Once you have approved a construction contract, Gambino’s task  is to choose, assemble and prepare the fixtures, transformers and other materials for your project. choosing the elements, finishes, colors, that will best blend with your landscaping so the effect is seen and not the source of where the light is originating from.
  • The cost for design, site supervision, installation and continued design support is INCLUDED in construction contracts, when working with Gambino’s team, at no additional charge!
  • Let’s make YOUR project something different. Extraordinary. Good design is knowing just what things you need to do to make your home spectacular, and nothing more.
  • First, enjoy the journey of exploring your options.
  • contact us today to get your project design started! The rest of the details will flow from there, and figure itself out along the way.
  • Take a look at this “every-day” home transformed into something amazing!


This landscape lighting blog is published by Mike Gambino of Gambino landscape lighting inc. all rights reserved. Mike is a professional landscape lighting system designer/ builder and has been designing, installing and maintaining landscape lighting systems for more than 29 years. Mike resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 2 sons. To visit his website go to . To inquire about hiring Mike please click here .

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