What happens at an On-Site Gambino Design Consultation site Meeting

What happens at an On-Site Gambino Design Consultation site Meeting

By Mike Gambino

A design consultation is a personal 1-2 hour meeting with me owner operator Mike Gambino reserved for serious qualified prospects only (with all interested parties and decision makers in attendance) at the proposed project site.

The Main purpose is to determine if we will work together on your project. Specific Landscape lighting design possibilities will be discussed, buyer needs evaluation and site requirements discovered. Time schedules worked out and an opportunity for prospect to evaluate and handle Actual Product samples. A Verbal presentation with an All inclusive ‘turnkey” cost to Design, Supply all materials and Install a Custom Gambino High Performance LED Landscape Lighting System is made.

Once an agreement is reached at this meeting, a document will be drawn up on the spot and signed by purchaser with a Cash, Check or credit card payment tendered for materials to be used on the project. Congratulations, You are now a highly valued client, welcome to the family. This secures an immediate space on our construction schedule. An outline of future payments due at specific project milestones is also established.

It benefits Buyer to move forward with their project as by state and consumer protections law states they reserve the right to cancel agreement in writing within 72 hours of meeting without penalty. All payments will be cancelled and must be returned minus design consultation fee which is not refundable when cancellation is made in writing within 72 hour cancellation time period.

In the event the meeting does not result in an immediate purchase decision-A cash or check payment of $100-$200 (pre-determined and depending upon travel distance) is due and collected before parting ways.

This is a NO PRESSURE to purchase meeting however there is NO BETTER TIME to purchase then at this meeting. Costs for labor and materials consistently increase not decrease over time. We are a very small quality concerned company that assigns projects to our schedule as they come in on a first come first served basis. We work on one project at a time and can at any time immediately become booked out for months. Decisions made at this meeting are highly encouraged to lock in project costs and completion times. Project costs discussed at consultation are valid for 30 days only however time schedules and Installation times and completion dates discussed at initial meeting cannot be guaranteed when purchase decisions are made afterwards.

Fifty percent of the consult fee is applied to Purchase decisions made after site meeting and within 30 days. Purchases made after 30 days of consult meeting are subject to recalculation of costs and initial consult fee is not applied.

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