WHAT AN On-Site Gambino lighting Design Consultation Meeting IS NOT

WHAT AN On-Site Gambino lighting Design Consultation Meeting IS NOT

By Mike Gambino

This is written not to come off as elitist or exclusionary and probably would not be necessary if the landscape lighting industry as a whole was more organized and overall did a better job of enlightening (pardon the pun) and educating the consumer public about things like quality, what to expect, costs etc. like other industries do. Even the basics like the difference between cheap store bought kits and Custom systems from a credible respected and established industry Association source would be nice. Unfortunately there is a severe lack of information out there and it is left to small service providers like myself to carry the weight. That is not to say that sources such as myself and other colleagues who provide vital and valid information and informational resources are not credible, respected or established.

From time to time a suspect and not a serious prospect sneaks through our screening/qualification process and we end up meeting with them at their site to discuss projects which we have no chance of doing. And it becomes apparent at the site meeting that they never had intention of hiring us and of course they do not. This is a big waste of our time and disservice to prospects who are serious about hiring us as it has a tendency for us to become jaded and look at tightening our screening process at the risk of turning away or excluding serious buyers. This is a fine line to manage as we are continuously refining the best and most productive usage of our time and can only spend it with those who have potential to become clients.

Of course it would be easy to deceive and tell us everything we want to hear to make us feel you are a potential prospect. However we respectfully ask that you do not schedule a Design Consultation meeting with us with the purpose of gaining specific landscape lighting information with no intention of hiring us to do design, supply all materials and do the actual installation work.

There is plenty of free information on our blog and free general information available from this website. Consults are also not intended to be a very low cost way to get lighting design ideas, written drawings, specifications and product lists with cost breakouts to price shop around as a basis for other contractors to bid on. If this is what you are looking for then you are wasting your time as we do not provide this type of documentation before during or after design consultation.

It is also not a meeting to take time out to discuss and get professional advice for unrelated projects other than landscape lighting like design opinions for other projects, “let me pick your brain for ideas” or to ask for referrals to other service provider colleagues who specialize in these other unrelated projects.

In short, nothing personal but we don’t want to meet with you if the above describes what your intentions are so please don’t contact us if this is what you are after.

Of course if none of this applies to you, you like what you see on this site, have done your due diligence and think we’d be a good fit to work together, are willing to pay for the best- then by all means we’d love to speak with you.

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