15 Feb Halogen or LED?

It's getting harder to tell. Albeit this tree is not the most challenging specimen to light effectively as it has been pruned and laced to be open form. As I continue my quest to find the holy grail of retrofit MR-16 LED lamps I am...

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10 Feb Fixtures don’t matter!

by Mike Gambino, That was the quote taken from a recent post on a landscape lighting message board forum. Total CRAPOLA with a capitol C. I've heard this nonsense sales pitch for many years usually from those guys who use cheap or even home made light fixtures...

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03 Feb Lighting affects mood

by Mike Gambino When I am designing , installing or servicing landscape lighting on the west side of Los Angeles (which is often). I can be found around 6 AM most mornings at Starbucks coffee in Brentwood. It's convenient, there is room to park my truck...

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