10 Feb Fixtures don’t matter!

by Mike Gambino, That was the quote taken from a recent post on a landscape lighting message board forum. Total CRAPOLA with a capitol C. I've heard this nonsense sales pitch for many years usually from those guys who use cheap or even home made light fixtures...

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03 Feb Lighting affects mood

by Mike Gambino When I am designing , installing or servicing landscape lighting on the west side of Los Angeles (which is often). I can be found around 6 AM most mornings at Starbucks coffee in Brentwood. It's convenient, there is room to park my truck...

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22 Jan Latest LED test

By Mike Gambino I recently received another sample order of retrofit LED MR-16 12 volt light bulbs. I purchased 20 bulbs of different beam spreads, color temperature and wattages  from a manufacturer . I immediately excluded all 10 of the cool color bulbs right away after early...

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12 Dec Latest Watershapes magazine article

By Michael Gambino I have been writing for Watershapes magazine for about three years now. Previously I had been writing feature articles for their sister Landshapes magazine which discontinued publication. Shortly after Landshapes' demise, Editor of Watershapes, Eric Herman, asked me to continue my landscape lighting...

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06 Dec Last minute project

By Michael Gambino Just wrapped up a long weekend of work. We don't normally do new project installation maintenance or repair work on Sundays (only for special occasions or emergencies) but when someone is in a pinch and they are a great client we bend over...

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