22 Jul When Landscape Lighting Goes wrong

By Mike Gambino Landscape Lighting Liabilities Who should pay for the labor to remove and replace faulty landscape lighting equipment? The Home Owner The Designer Builder Insurance Company The Manufacturer In my 26 years of designing landscape lighting systems for mostly residential home owners, People seem to be of the opinion that...

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15 Jul Upgrading to LED Landscape Lighting

By Mike Gambino The lighting retrofit was one of the first services that landscape lighting contractors entering the LED services market offered their customers. In the beginning, lighting retrofits almost sold themselves because customers recognized that their lighting systems were outdated and believed upgrades would reduce recurring...

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03 Jun 7 site conditions landscape lighting design build specialists look for when doing an initial property Walk-Through

By Mike Gambino As all landscape lighting design build specialists know or should know, there are a significant amount of obstacles and small details to keep in mind when surveying a property for a new landscape lighting system installation .  If you want to avoid surprises come installation...

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