Weathering of Copper Fixtures

Weathering of Copper Fixtures

by Mike Gambino

Every once in awhile I will get an objection from a client as to the placement of a copper path or spread light style fixture that is brand new out of the box in raw condition meaning it hasn’t been exposed to the environment.

It happened this week from a client who isn’t aware of how copper once exposed to the elements will begin to immediately weather or form a patina which give it an aged look.

The nice thing about copper is that it takes on a different look depending upon what climatic and environmental conditions that exist where it is placed.

In acidic or coastal exposures a verdigris or verde green patina will form on the fixture which add interest and a natural look.

In drier inland areas the finish will take on a weathered or mahogany colored aged antique look all for free and courtesy of mother nature herself.

The question I get always is -How long will it take? That depends upon how severe the exposure. Although the aging process begins immediately and is gradual it is noticeable as soon as it is installed in the landscape.

For those that absolutely cannot wait several weeks. Hand applied acid stains can be applied for additional cost. But what you are really buying is time.

Most just wait for the process to occur naturally and in the meantime the fixture looks great and performs the same after dark irregardless of the fixture finish.

And with naturally aged Copper you get a fixture that will last a very very long time in the landscape exposed to soils, fertilizers, rain, sun, heat, cold and extreme temperatures, bird droppings and whatever else nature can dish out.

A natural copper aged finish is also considered a low or maintenance free finish as it does not require polishing of cleaning to look its best.

I have attached 2 photos below of our Copper Torino path and spread style LED or halogen fixture.

Before and After environmental metamorphosis if you will.

Gambino Torino LED or halogen fixture in raw copper out of the box before Mother nature has begun the aging or weathering patina process

Gambino Torino after only a few weeks of exposure to the outdoor environment. The finish has already changed from a bright pink to a flat mahogany weathered or aged appearance.

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