Are you a serious landscape lighting system buyer?

Are you a serious landscape lighting system buyer?

by Mike Gambino

On occasion I  get a call or e-mail from someone saying how much they love my work. How they want me perform some of the same magic in their yard. OK, sounds like a serious prospect.

Sometimes the idea of landscape lighting is sparked by a vacation or trip to an exotic island where the resort inspired the caller.

Sometimes another home improvement project like the installation of a pool, deck or major landscape remodel motivates the contact.

Or other times they might have seen a neighbors yard that we did and think they may want the same quality without any idea of the cost.

Sadly, after a few answers to some standard questions I will get the idea that this person is not serious about investing in a Gambino high quality landscape lighting system designed and built to last for the following reasons.

Let’s take the instance of a pool and major landscape remodel. When I get the call after the project has been completed it is easy to assume that the lighting is being considered as an after thought.

Even more so after being told the following.

There had been no provisions made for access under newly poured concrete (sleeving).

No 120 volt power source or switching system had been installed, conceptualized or even roughed in.

No budget left since they spent way more than they had planned with the primary project and were hoping that I could some how do this job on the cheap.

Well  I regret to inform them that spectacular results that are going to last are almost never attainable in life on the cheap no matter how much one hopes or prays.

Instead, diligent planning, sufficient budget reserve, getting the landscape lighting service professional specialist under contract early in the project. These are the virtues that result in a beautiful system that lasts and adds value. Not some ill conceived last minute thrown together low budgeted set of lights that will prove to be more of a headache then they are worth installed by a non specialist who the last time installed a system was never.

Do you plan? Have you done your due diligence and know what’s out there and what you want?

Are you a serious landscape lighting system buyer?

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