Some just get it, and there are some that don’t

Some just get it, and there are some that don’t

by Mike Gambino

I was asked the other day by a prospect at a design consultation “what makes a Gambino landscape lighting system superior to one I can get from elsewhere”.

I was immediately prepared with an answer. I told her that a Gambino landscape lighting system is like watching your favorite program in high definition on your flat screen 1080i capable television at home.

The colors are more saturated and vibrant due to the excellent color rendition of our lamps and the fastidious engineering we do on our systems to bring the proper voltage to the lamp which is absolutely crucial.

The details and shadows are more defined. Overall the difference is significantly noticeable when compared to a run of the mill system with inferior components designed with a lack of vision and passion.

For some a Gambino landscape lighting system is like an acquired taste and may take some time getting used to.

When a homeowner goes from a dim and gloomy landscape lighting system or from total darkness to a crisp effective and beautiful Gambino landscape lighting system it can be a stark contrast.

When I first tasted a starbucks coffee many years ago I absolutely hated it. I had never had coffee so dark and strong and it was new to me.

But after a short time I had become accustomed to it and today I cannot drink a bland or weak cup of coffee. For me this is true of high fidelity sound and television picture quality as well.

I keep flipping through the channels until I find an HD program I like. This may sound weird but I’ve even watched content that I haven’t been particularly interested in but kept it on the screen because the HD quality had been of particularly high quality and my senses were stimulated.

That is the goal I have when I go about designing a Gambino landscape lighting system to be compelling, visually stimulating to the viewer. An experience they won’t soon forget.

With all that being said this landscape lighting system is not for everyone and I realize that.

However for those that enjoy a bold cup of coffee, a great HD television experience or phenomenal clear high fidelity sound then perhaps a robust high quality Gambino landscape lighting system just might be for you. If that’s the case then we’d love to hear from you.

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