Vacationing at home year round

Vacationing at home year round

by Mike Gambino

Staycation is a buzzword used over the last few years to describe a vacation like experience in one’s own backyard in lieu of actually jetting off to a traditional resort destination.  Maybe you’ve heard of this recent trend with homeowners. For some it may be a dirty word especially if you work in the travel industry. Although I’m not one to usually embrace trendy buzzwords, but to me, this one is a lovely word and I hope it makes it into the vocabulary and psyche of every American homeowner.

The staycation is born out of some of the economic pressures that our country has been struggling with the last several years and is typically referring to the option that many of us are choosing. Instead of going away for a vacation and dropping several thousands of dollars in exchange for a few vacation photos, many are instead putting those funds into our backyards and making our own home a place for our family and friends to spend quality time, relax and unwind just like we do on vacation, but it’s happening right here in our own backyards. There are even blogs dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of the staycation.

To turn our backyards into a place to have a staycation we are now setting up beautiful and comfortable outdoor patio furniture, we are installing natural looking swimming pools. Outdoor recreation set-ups like volleyball, shuffleboard, putting greens, Croquet and Bocce courts. Complete and well-equipped outdoor kitchens are all the rave, along with all-weather entertainment systems for music and video enjoyment.

Homeowners are creating outdoor paradises with ponds, water gardens, and waterfalls. Fountains, statuary, and water features are also being installed. A high performance low voltage landscape lighting system should be installed along with these amenities by a professional landscape lighter for amazing results and little maintenance. Beautiful colorful koi fish and lush flowering water lilies and a selection of other colorful aquatic plants are only part of the scenario; as beautiful landscaping is part of it too.

But all of this disappears after dark without a high quality lighting system to show it off and allow it to be seen, appreciated and utilized after the sun goes down. Many homeowners are creating their own waterfront get-away right outside their backdoor. Soothing waterfalls, colorful fish, cool clear water, and manicured aquatic plants are yours not only for your staycation but for your entire outdoor season. In fact here in temperate southern California these amenities are enjoyed all year round.

For the more ambitious staycation pool installations, families now opt for clear salt system swimmable water without all the harsh chemicals and swimming pool upkeep and maintenance chores. Imagine yourself and family having a leisurely float out in the pool on a hot summer day. Float over to the waterfall and let it crash down on you if it gets too hot. The possibilities are only restrained by your imagination and budget, but a secret rock grotto or cave to swim into can be created too, for a cool place to hang out on a hot day. Our landscape lighting systems keep the fun going well past sundown and are an integral and important part of the complete staycation experience.

To plan your family staycation project, contact Gambino landscape lighting for your staycation consultation and let us show you how your backyard can be transformed into a tranquil and beautiful retreat after dark. You may never want to leave for a Vacation again!

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