GAMBINO LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Best Landscape Lighting in Los Angeles

GAMBINO LANDSCAPE LIGHTING Best Landscape Lighting in Los Angeles

By Mike Gambino

It has been said that “the proper limit of trust is prudence, not fear.”  And we agree.  You see, we’re experts in landscape lighting design and installation and we rely on our clients’ trust to deliver great landscape lighting systems.  But sometimes, clients get a little bit nervous because they feel that their end product will be out of their control.

We know where they’re coming from.  It’s their property after all, and getting good value for their money is important.

If you are one of those people who get’s anxious about letting a home improvement contractor work its magic, take a deep breath.  We know what you’re going through, and we know how to help you get through it. After all your landscape lighting system is not the first one we have designed and installed. In fact Gambino landscape lighting has been doing it very successfully since 1990 for discriminating clients all over the Los Angeles area.

It’s Like Getting a Haircut

Whether you are having your landscape lighting designed or getting your hair done, an element of trust is absolutely necessary.

When you first sit down in the chair at the hairdresser or the barbershop, you get to talk to your hair stylist about your vision for the haircut.  But once the stylist gets started, you just sit back and trust that it will all come out right in the end.

And, if you’ve picked the right hairdresser, it will.

Now, during the process, there may be a few times when you get a little antsy in that hairdresser’s chair.  The haircut might start looking a little different than you initially anticipated, and you might be tempted to grab those scissors and try to finish up the hairdo yourself.  But, truthfully, as long as a competent hair stylist is in charge, you are probably better off to let him or her complete the job.  And chances are, you’ll be satisfied with the results — and much more so than you would have been if you had grabbed the razor yourself in the middle of the haircutting session.

In the same way, once we have a feel for what a client wants and needs from his or her lighting, sometimes it’s best to let us take it from there.  We don’t mind a little feedback here and there, just like your barber probably doesn’t mind a request like, “How about a little more off the top?”  But just like you wouldn’t grab your hairdresser’s hands and guide them to each strand of hair that needs to be cut, sometimes it’s a good idea to just let us do our thing.

After all, we have built over 1000 landscape lighting systems for clients from all walks of life, and we haven’t built a dud yet!

Trusting a lighting design team, or a hairdresser, can be a little tough, but in both cases, it’s in your best interest to do so.  You want your landscape lighting and your hair to be gorgeous, and both landscape lighting designer builders and hairdressers have been trained to make their respective projects look great in the end. It’s our past work that sells our future work so we have a vested interest in making sure that you are happy with the landscape lighting system that we design and build for you.

This landscape lighting blog is published by Mike Gambino of Gambino landscape lighting inc. all rights reserved. Mike is a professional landscape lighting system designer/ builder and has been designing, installing and maintaining landscape lighting systems for more than 20 years. Mike resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 2 sons. To visit his website go to . To inquire about hiring Mike please click here .

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