Some luxury property owners dismiss Custom LED landscape lighting systems as being too expensive

Some luxury property owners dismiss Custom LED landscape lighting systems as being too expensive

By Mike Gambino


In the world of luxury property and home ownership it is often reasoned that high quality landscape lighting systems are not implemented due to the significant cost of acquisition as well as their future operation costs and maintenance. There are certain preconceptions of the low voltage landscape lighting industry and these negative views often stem from past bad experiences with the traditional installers and landscape lighting system providers.

When you compare with a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, Bocce court, high quality landscape design or a custom patio, a Custom low voltage LED landscape lighting systems is one of the least expensive ways to substantially enhance site amenities, provide safety and security and improve quality of time spent outdoors after dark. Unfortunately, some  think of Custom high quality LED landscape lighting systems as expensive to design, build and maintain.

But is this feeling based upon today’s high quality Custom LED design build/ innovators and new technological advances? Or is it based upon someone’s previous bad experience of a bad LED or halogen systems, or even just information passed on by others who had this experience when using traditional landscape lighting brands and providers? Or maybe a do it yourself attempt that went horribly awry.

When compared with lush landscaping, fish ponds with waterfalls or  swimming pools that require constant weekly maintenance and constantly drain natural resources (water and electricity). LED landscape lighting systems do not cost nearly as much to operate and maintain.

How many times have end users experienced the dreaded ‘stuck with a problematic installation investment’ result? This is when for example, a particular non specialized trade is hired because either the buyer was unaware or just assumed that anyone can design and install a low voltage landscape lighting system successfully and to their satisfaction. But what they get instead is a problematic system that is ineffective, has poor color rendering, is too bright in areas and too dim in others and does not meet their intended wants, needs or expectations.

It would be wrong to dismiss these experiences as just ‘one-offs’ or as a result of poor choices, advice or suppliers. Their experience was real and probably painful, stressful or most likely both!

However, the Low Voltage LED landscape industry – often quite slow in its evolution – is still full of buyer beware situations. The fact remains that most suppliers, designers and installers of low voltage lighting systems are part timers who do not do enough of it to be up on the most latest techniques and do not have the most up to date information to do the best job and get the best results.. The good news is that some larger major markets do have dedicated low voltage LED landscape lighting system designer builders who are  innovators that can deliver immensely beneficial results.

Therefore, when it comes to achieving optimum results, knowing how to source the right products and making the right decisions – based upon technology and high quality build standards, rather than brand –it  is key to finding experienced dedicated lighting system builders. Then, the landscape lighting system truly becomes an asset, rather than an expense.


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