We may not be a good fit to work together on a landscape lighting project if……

We may not be a good fit to work together on a landscape lighting project if……

By Mike Gambino

When it comes to any type of business, there is one reality many folks don’t necessarily realize:

There is no such thing as a “good fit” for everyone.

Yes, it’s true, which is exactly why we freely admit Gambino Landscape Lighting is NOT for everyone.

Here at GLL, we know who we are. We know where our strengths and weaknesses lie. And we also know what a “good fit” and “bad fit” client looks like.

Each week, multiple inquiries come from e-mail and phone calls, some big and some small,  contact us for assistance with their Landscape lighting efforts. Because of this, and so as to save everyone time, we’ve made a list of the types of Custom landscape lighting system buyers  we feel we don’t bring value to:

patio04We are NOT a good fit for you if…

  1. You will not plan on having us properly maintain your investment or are looking to outsource to a “cheaper” service provider after the installation. You will be making a significant investment when hiring GLL to design and build your custom landscape lighting system. Without proper maintenance over time your system will diminish in effectiveness. Since long term client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and all of our work comes from satisfied client recommendations and from new prospects viewing systems we have previously built. Lack of maintenance and system deterioration is not good for anyone. Frankly we don’t want our name on systems that will not be properly and professionally maintained by us.
  2. You’re looking for a simple couple of fixture installation.Yes, we help individuals and companies with small sized projects, but we are not interested in creating spotty designs that don’t look or function well spread out on a property. Instead portions or “vignettes” of a property can be completed over time as part of a master design plan. If your idea of spreading a budget that would only be sufficient for a smaller section of your property and trying to make it work for the entire property when it clearly won’t then that is a project we wouldn’t be interested in.
  3. You’re not willing to buy into doing the project right when it comes to Landscape lighting.Frankly, at GLL we want to work on the best of the best properties when it comes to Landscape Lighting, and property owners must be committed to doing the project comprehensively with the best products and service providers in the industry, and willing to invest the appropriate funds to accomplish this.
  4. You don’t have faith in believing we know what we are doing.Day in and day out for the past 26 years we have been designing, building and servicing high quality landscape lighting systems very successfully for thousands of satisfied property owners . If you feel that you know better how many fixtures it will take to effectively light a tree or property, where to place them, what type and lumen requirements etc. then the experience will not work well for either of us.
  5. You’re looking for the lowest price Provider.Clearly, there are many “lighting design builders” that will charge less than we do at GLL, as well they should. So if you’re basing your landscape lighting purchase on price alone, please know we won’t be a good fit.
  6. You don’t deal well with New ideas, concepts or constructive Design recommendations.We feel it’s our obligation to always be 100% frank, honest, and concise with our landscape lighting recommendations to clients. That being said, not everyone receives recommendations well when strategies for lighting a property are being discussed.


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