Gambino Landscape Lighting


Michael Gambino, President and owner operator of Gambino landscape lighting inc.

I founded Gambino landscape lighting in 1990. I made it my personal mission to make sure the people who own my systems are taken care of. I have invested countless hours and traveled hundreds of thousands of miles all over southern California providing the highest quality equipment designs, quality workmanship and commitment to customer service.

I have personally installed my lighting systems everywhere from the immaculate estate homes of the stars of television, motion picture and movie industries to discriminating property owners from all walks of life who can afford the finest and have an appreciation for quality.

I have never wavered from my original principles to deliver premium quality, safe operating , high performance landscape lighting systems designed to reflect the tastes and style of the individual, built to last.

And to stand behind the exclusive and proprietary equipment which I have manufactured for my designs that bear the GAMBINO brand name.

A Quick Bio

Award winning southern California based landscape lighting design/builder extraordinaire, Michael Gambino helps upscale homeowners transform the exterior of their homes and gardens into showplaces after dark.

Mike moves with remarkable ease from one very different architectural or landscape style to another, personally working with successful clients in different businesses, industries and professions, providing out of the ordinary high performance low voltage landscape lighting systems that withstand the tests of time.

Mike’s clients are successful individuals and include everyone from sole entrepreneurs, those in the legal and medical profession, to famous Hollywood celebrities. Here are just a few examples – there’s the husband-and-wife couple who came to Mike with an underperforming system. Less then one month later they are proud owners of a new system that performs night after night, requires little maintenance, and their property is the envy of the neighborhood after dark. Or, there’s the custom home developer, famous for its celebrity clientele and quality workmanship that uses Mike exclusively to design and install landscape lighting on their custom estate properties. The list goes on and on and on.

Mike is one of the most popular, in-demand landscape lighting design/builders in the country. He virtually gets all of his clients with little to no advertising! Some come to him after being referred by a satisfied client or fellow design professionals. Some come after viewing his website o listing in local phone directory. But most are referred to him.

Mike is also highly regarded by fellow trade professionals from all over the world who seek his advice on how they can improve their landscape lighting business. He has spoken at numerous industry gatherings and has had multiple articles published in trade journals to help advance the industry.


Mike maintains a grueling schedule of consulting, designing, installing and managing his own business so he’s rarely in his office, but returns calls in a timely fashion. New client-candidates, pay a consulting fee for time spent on their site discussing their project. He’s militantly resistant to having his time wasted. Consulting fees are credited if a project results from that meeting and exceeds the minimum dollar amount requirement.

Our fixtures survive even the harshest environments

Most of the lighting equipment Mike specifies is proprietary, not available in stores and has been personally designed by and built for him by local major lighting manufacturers. In fact his name and contact information is molded into many of his products. They are built for functionality and durability from brass, copper and stainless steel materials, feature easy re-lamping and most have replaceable parts which keep the cost of maintenance low.

His systems are also of very high quality and not for everyone. Unlike the industry norm of short system life, Gambino landscape lighting systems are engineered to last.

He has a number of clients who have been with him for as long as ten years, including some who simply will not make an outdoor lighting related move without his guidance. Many have used him on multiple homes and vow to never own a home without one of his systems enhancing it after dark.

Mike has a very high client satisfaction rate. Eighty five percent of his clients return for additional design/build projects or on-going maintenance services which are available for every system he installs.