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Listen to some of their amazing comments…

  • “Looks really great Mike… Thank you so much….”

– Bob L- Hollywood, CA


Hi Mike- the new landscape lights in the garage area look great! Super job!

Steve S- Pasadena, CA

Mike You are the BEST!

Paddy W- Simi Valley, CA

We are entranced every night by the beauty you helped imagine!

Bob and Pam W- Malibu , CA

“Oh my gosh the lighting is incredible  and the water is not even clear yet.  Thank you so much Mike now I can eat dinner outside and enjoy the sounds of the pond and be able to watch my koi

John and Paddy W- Simi Valley, CA

Wow-upgraded LED awesome! Very nice–big difference.

Rick H- Castaic California

OMG the lighting in the front of the house is spectacular. Both Bob and I absolutely love it. Perfect!

Pam and Bob W- Malibu, CA

Palms lighting looks awesome! Great job!

Bob Reddy-CEO Palms Villas Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Michael Gambino, It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff over the past several years since you designed and installed landscape/security lighting at my home. On a recent service call you recommended converting my 50 lights from halogen to LED. At first, I was skeptical because I’ve seen other LED installations the seem to be sub-par to halogens.

However, after your “Gambino Quality” modification I and totally impressed. The LED lights are just as bright as the halogens, they run cool (don’t burn my plants), and we were able to reduce our power feed from four to two transformer controllers. This upgrade also allowed us to move from 14V taps on the transformers to 12V and 11.5V with the same performance.

I run my lights on a dusk to dawn timer and my electric bill dropped by $156/month.

I will file the cost of transitioning from halogen to LED as an energy tax credit.

Not to mention, the massive light  coverage not only serves as beautification, but also security that is recognized by my Home Owners Insurance.

You sell top-notch products and provide top-notch service.

Dan B- Simi Valley, CA

Hi Mike, thank you for the good job. The garden looks great!

Radu Z- Sherman oaks, CA

Mike, Thank you so much everything looks great!

Leslie and Len R- Sherman Oaks, CA

Hi Mike,  A huge thank you to you and your guys. I am so thrilled. You have given us the wow factor. I am very very very happy. It looks amazing. The reflection of the tree trunks on the pool is awesome. Jim reckons to have made me happy and made more money in the process must make you one hell of a salesman !! – I will get around to writing a yelp review as you deserve the highest accolade. I hope next year we can extend the lighting a bit more as planned. Have a great weekend!

Helen and Jim M – Hollywood, CA

I’m sorry I didn’t email you sooner I have just been pretty busy and it just slipped my mind. Thanks again for your help. The lights of course work great you did  a really great  job!
All the best!

Francisco and Rosanna B- Westlake Village, CA

Mike, Good morning! Wanted to let you know, it was so amazing to come home last night and to actually be able to SEE . It was a beautiful sight, thank you.  All the best

Tracey and Jake S- Pacific Palisades, CA

Mike is the premier landscape lighting person in California. There is no one who does the work he does. He has an uncanny eye for placing lighting in the most dramatic position.”

Genius-You are the best! Looks fantastic!!!!!! Thanks again!!

Tim V -Burbank, CA

I read every blog post by Mike! Every one is excellent and spot on for those of us in the landscape lighting industry! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model.”

Steve C- Owner, Just Landscape Lighting, LLC St. Louis Missouri

Mike- looks awesome! Thank you

Steve S- Pasadena, CA

Thanks for the lighting.  Looks great.

Danny P- Los Angeles, CA

The lights look great, thanks for your hard work on them today

Mark L- Bell Canyon, CA

Thanks so much, Mike!! The lights all look great! You guys are the Best! Thank you!

KLD- Bel Air, California

Thank you and your crew for your excellence. I put all the lights on tonight (sooo easy) and they look soooooo great.

Jackie W- Encino , CA

Mike, thanks for the wonderful new lighting system for the front and back of our house.  You totally transformed the look of our house.  We appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.  You have an eye for placing lighting.

Jeannette and Dave B- Newbury park, CA

Thanks Mike. This was such a great experience working with you and your team. Very few in this trade are as dedicated to the level of quality and commitment that you are. I am honored to have spent this time on a project with you…thanks again.

Hi Mike, Luis and I took a stroll just now through the garden.  It is very magical

Luis and Lee L- Bel Air, CA

Thanks for everything today and this past week.  The place looks wonderful, what a change!  ”

Devon A and James B- Beverly Hills, CA

Mike–thanks for the great work as always.  I will Mail the check tomorrow and give you a call for the 6 month tune-up.”    Keep in touch.

Dr. Lauren and Margaret R.- Brentwood, CA

Hello Mike, Thanks for coming and doing your maintenance thing.  I love my landscaping lights especially after you have been here to make sure they are all on the same page and they are all filled with working light bulbs!”

Pamela S- Brentwood, CA

Thank you so much for our very beautiful lighting”

Stephan and Linda T- Sherman Oaks, CA

Mike, thank you so much for the beautiful landscape lighting.  You have a keen eye for lighting and positioning, your products are high quality, and you and your team did a flawless job from start to finish.  It’s like I came back from work one day to a brand new home, and I’ve been enjoying every moment since.  I never truly understood the beauty and importance of good lighting until I met you.  Great job and thanks again.

-Laura R – Simi Valley, CA

After your maintenance visit the other day my system is Like new baby. We love it !”

John and Tanya C- Newbury Park, CA

Hi Mike,Your lighting makes a big difference to our landscape! As much as we love our yard, we were never happy with the “malibu lights” we had. Until you installed the lighting, what we had was just a nice yard which people do stop by to comment on, but now we have a beautiful landscape and I’m very happy with it. You did a wonderful job in highlighting the trees and the portico and these make the house comes alive in the evening. The new lighting is dramatically pleasing and I know we will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks Mike.”

Kiet Pasadena, CA

Hi Mike, Thank you for your time yesterday evening.  Great pleasure and privilege for Karen and me to work with you.”

Alan G. and Karen B.- Malibu, CA

Mike: The new lighting is fantastic!!  Thanks for giving our home a beautiful glow.”

Leslie and Al P , Simi Valley, CA

You’re awesome!!   Thank you very much!   Can’t wait to get home tonight and see them all on!!    Happy Holidays!    Check should be sent tomorrow.”

Kelvin D, Bel Air, CA

I am extremely happy with the lighting you installed on my property. The home makes a wonderful appearance in front at night. And the back yard is wonderful, just bright enough…very soothing and comfortable. Thanks again”

Walter L, Lake Sherwood Thousand Oaks, CA

Hi Mike – Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoy looking out on our garden since you enhanced it.  The accent lighting is terrific and our trees just glow.  Thanks again for turning our yard into a fairy land.”

Ellen & Jay K.-Encino, CA

Wanted to send you a note of thanks.  We put the lights at 60% as of Saturday night and they just look fantastic.  I am so happy and pleased.  Also, I really appreciate the clean up and the way you worked in and around the existing garden, it really is top notch workmanship and I will say that to anyone that asks.  It was all well worth the price.  you are the best ! Thanks. ”

Pam P, Pasadena, CA

Just got home. Lights look GREAT!!!!!”

Walter L, Lake Sherwood Thousand oaks, CA

You are in luck if you live in southern California. I would give Mike Gambino a call at Gambino Landscape Lighting. He is one of the best in the biz. and I am sure he would be able to help you out.”

Mike, I was in such a rush the other morning that I didn’t think I thanked you enough for the lights down my slope. I am ready for my party (I think) and the lights will really showcase that part of the yard! In July I will be doing more work on the one side of the slope and will need more stairway lights (new stairs going in) and a few spot lights I think–so I will be in touch when it is time for you to ‘add some light’. Again, thanks.”

Lori J- Los Angeles, CA

Left the house at 7:00 Came home at 9:00 to a lit up yard. So lovely! What a difference. Thank you for everything. Thanks for the fab pics! The house looks absolutely gorgeous! Simply amazing. Beautiful work Mike. We appreciate everything you have done to get the look just right. The lighting is beautiful. Quite honestly, it is hard for me to believe that we actually get to live here. How lucky are we!

Lauren and Lloyd B- Pacific Palisades, CA

Mike Does have some slick path lights for sure. I have really turned things up a notch using them. Clients love the simple clean lines and incredible output from them and I love the durability and ease of service.

I change 3156 lamps out about twice as often as I need to change the mr16’s in the Gambino’s. I have 100’s of Gambino fixtures out there with only 1 issue and that was just a bad socket out of the box which I attribute to assembly error.”

Billy Bradford, Integrity outdoor lighting Ellisville, MS

Mike, You do have some of the best looking (and thoughtfully designed) fixtures around…. and I am envious…. but not of your success itself as much as of the amount of mental and physical energy you have to muster up to achieve that success. I wish I knew your secret. You have a lot of talents and insights that you bring to the table, with your magazine articles, your lighting designs, your online forum contributions, your fixture and transformer designs, etc. I hope you have a good year, and I wish you nothing but continued success and prosperity!

Honestly Mike, it is fabulous. The feel is perfect and there is a well distributed glow. Every tree is perfectly lit. Sensational overall balance. Thank you so much.

Nick and Rose C, Palm desert, CA

Mike, Thanks again for your help. We love the work, see you soon.

Rob and Carolyn C. Los Angeles, CA

Mike, The lights are fantastic! Really look great. I’ll need to hold for now on the front lighting while I get some other work done but we’ll be back in touch shortly. Thanks again

Rick and Irene H. Castaic, CA

Mike did a fantastic job ! I love coming home at night and seeing the lights. He is very professional.

Tamme M. Pacific Palisades, CA

WOW! You were right — those are bright. It looks really great. Thanks to you and your crew for doing such a careful job. I’ll be in touch in the spring, depending on finances, to upgrade the remaining line.

Steve S- Simi Valley, CA

You are a magician!!! I had to let you know that when Tom & I got home tonight, we drove up to our “pretty nice home” to a spectacular oasis! The front & the back all look gorgeous! What a difference a bulb makes! I’ll try to spread the word about your service. I always hope that someone living in the community behind the gates will jot your number down on your truck after seeing how incredible our garden looks with your lighting…..such a facelift! A million thanks!

Tom and Edna G Encino, CA.

Thanks so much! The lights are great!! Had a lot of compliments on them!!!

Karen J. Pacific Palisades, CA

Thanks very much, Michael. The place looks terrific ! (Lets discuss a maintenance program) Thank you

Kelvin D. Bel Air, CA

Dear Mike, This is just to tell you that everything (the pool included) is turning on and off just as it is supposed to and that the lights look just great. Kevin and I are both extremely pleased, as the property now feels finished. That new hillside, especially, has really come to life. So, thank you very much. As always we appreciate all your good work; and we look forward to seeing you at our 50,000 mile check-up. Have a good summer, Mike.

Scott B, West Hollywood, CA

Mike, Thank you again, for the magnificent job on the lights!!! We’re very happy with them…..front & back. I feel like it’s a whole different, more elegant garden now. Was hoping with your truck parked in front you’d get some new business behind the gates….anybody take your card? If not then, hopefully soon when they drive by & see the improvement on our house. We’ll continue to promote you! MANY THANKS AGAIN

Tom and Edna G. – Encino, CA

Hello Mike, 10 years and the lighting you installed in my front and back gardens is as gorgeous as ever. I love the patterns the downlighting makes from the brazilian pepper tree and the patterns of the uplighting in the orange trees. And friends always comment on the beautiful lighting along the path that leads to the front door–a perfect entry to my home in the evening. Thanks for enhancing the beauty of my home through imaginative lighting.

Irv and Phyllis M. – Northridge, CA

Hi Mike, I just got home (it is 8:50 p.m.) with my daughter from dinner at a friends’ and the front yard is all lit up and beautiful!!!! We just also wanted to let you know that the back yard is stunning – so beautiful! Thanks so much!!!

John and Cindy L. Brentwood, CA

Mike -I wanted to follow up on the lights you installed last year at my house. They’ve been operational now for 15 months and still look great! My neighbors have commented how much nicer the house looks, and I still find myself walking outside at night when the lights are on, just to look back. Again, thanks so much for your work. You weren’t cheap, but you were a great value!

Dennis C. – Los Feliz, CA

The lighting looks great I came back to a wonderland THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Jay and Despina L, Beverly Hills, CA

Thanks so much for getting out here the other day; we know how busy you are, so we are especially grateful that you got to us so fast…And thank you for the wonderful job. The lights in the back look great…so much so that I think we’re going to thin out the bamboo at the bottom of the slope, just so we can see more of them. They give a great glow…and one gets a sense that there’s a whole hillside up there. And lighting the tree was a great idea. It looks almost as though it’s lit only by a very bright moon. And thanks for thinning the foliage around all the other lights. Everything looks much better…and they made us see how much all the plants have grown. In the fall, we’ll cut back a lot of the bushes on the main hillside, just to brighten it all up at night. So—all in all a really great job. We are most appreciative…and it is always a pleasure to see you.

Scott B. Hollywood, CA

Toni and I got home yesterday and at night turned on all the outdoor lighting. It is truly Fantastic! You are simply the best !!!

Stephen and Toni H. Montecito, CA

Mike,we wanted to say THANKS!!!!! When we decided to build a pool and redo our entire landscaping, we wanted something that wouldn’t look just ordinary. We knew the lighting was going to be the most important part of this job and we were right! You have provided us with what we call our own Four Seasons resort. Every person that comes to our house can’t stop talking about the lighting and how beautiful it is. You are an ARTIST. I truly mean that. My wife Tania and I really enjoyed your company over the two week job period. You were always so professional and just had a great attitude which is so hard to find today. You take pride in your work which so few can make that claim. A cute quick story that we need to share. Our neighbor across the street told us when he gives directions to get to his house he will tell his friends, “drive down the street and when you get to the house with the amazing lighting, we are right across the street.Thanks again Mike and if you ever need a referral or if any of your potential clients want to stop by to see this amazing job please just have them call us anytime.

John and Tania C.-Thousand Oaks, CA

Mike, we are so thrilled with the lighting you put in our front yard! I wanted to thank you again, and express our amazement and gratitude at what an artist you are with lighting! When we moved to our new home, we were disappointed with the lack of lighting leading to our front door. My husband mentioned that we should contact you, as you had done such a wonderful job with the backyard of our previous home. I phoned you the next day because I knew you’d do a good job. At our consultation, I will admit that I was uneasy with what seemed to me to be a large number of lighting fixtures–I wanted a warm, inviting atmosphere welcoming guests to our home, not an “airplane runway”. You held firm to your assessment that the number you suggested would do the job. Mike, you were dead-on correct! We have exactly what I wanted, and I cannot thank you enough. Our front yard is now a masterpiece!

Deborah and Ira T, Camarillo,CA

As an interior designer, I have very specific design expectations for my environments. I really put Mike to the test. I asked for an “understated but complete look” for my frontyard and “Drama” in the backyard. Mike approached the job with assurance and ability, making suggestions for appropriate path, atmosphere, and accent lighting throughout my property. Mike showed me the exact fixtures he planned to use, explaining the type of effects I would see. We are so thrilled with the results! Our yards are beautiful! Mike Gambino is extremely professional, outstanding at his trade, and a pleasure to know. I continue to refer Mike to my clients and the results are always positive.

Joanne M, Agoura Hills, CA

Mike-I am just thrilled with my lighting. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much. I have passed your name on to many

Margaret S, Bel Air,CA

Just a note to tell you again how happy we are with our lighting. We had a huge housewarming party a couple of weeks ago and so many of our guests asked for your number so we forwarded your web page to several of our guests.

Thad and Carolyn C, Canyon Country, CA

I love it! I’m on my patio reading most nights, and it’s beautiful. Thank you for making my new home so special.

Connie F.Calabasas,CA

The lights look great! At our party Henley was gloating to everyone about the lighting and admitted that I was right to want them-Love you

Diane S. Bel Air, CA

Our yard is beautiful at night. As we are getting into the warmer months, we’ll be sitting out more often, and the light makes it really nice. Thanks again for all of your help – it was really a nice thing to do.

Matt G, Camarillo, CA

Congratulations! Just wanted you to know that late yesterday afternoon/early evening our Architect and Architectural Digests head photographer and his helper were here for several hours making the plans to shoot both the exterior and interior of our home. Altogether they have worked a schedule to shoot 28 pictures over the course of three days and your excellent night lighting will be showcased on many of them! It wows everyone who sees it and I do think the outside of the house is more impressive with your lighting than it is in the day time – obviously we are not alone feeling this way!

Toni and Stephen H, Montecito, CA

I am writing this letter to extend our appreciation for your outstanding workmanship and superior products. The analogy ” Icing on the cake” holds true at our home today when you look at the final product. We are extremely happy with the strategic placement of all fixtures and definitely pleased with the quality of your products.. Every time we have visitors, the conversation usually ends up centering around  ‘ who did your landscape lighting’.. Your service and response time is second to none and we just want to express our sincere appreciating  for a job well done.

Vincent and Lisa D, Thousand Oaks , CA

David and I are totally delighted with our newly installed landscape lighting. It is satisfactory in every way, especially the highlighting of the trees and the waterfall. Our reason for looking for another lighting person was our horrible experience with Custom outdoor lighting by Fred H. Four years ago, our landscaper recommended that Fred install the outdoor lighting. Approximately four months after installation, the bulbs started burning out. He returned once to my home. After several other burned out bulbs and phone calls, with him never responding, I tore his business card into 100 pieces. We had our handyman, continually replacing the bulbs. Fred does not service what he installs and uses PVC pipe, literally black sewer pipes, for his crudely fashioned homemade fixtures and overpowers the bulbs with his transformers. We do not hesitate to recommend Mike Gambino. He is conscientious, imaginative and has broad experience in outdoor lighting.

David and Georgia C. Sherman Oaks, CA

As a real estate broker I see hundreds of homes a year but I have never seen landscape lighting as beautiful as what you have performed at our home last week. My husband and I could not be happier with the results. We now feel that a whole new dimension has been added to our landscaping and are now planning several BBQ’s this summer to show off our new lighting.

Mike and Karen B. Simi Valley, CA

Mike personally designed and installed our extensive lighting system, creating such dramatic effects that our home far exceeds our expectations. Mike’s fixtures are of his own designs in solid brass, beautiful, rugged and precisely engineered to do the job. His knowledge of which types of lights to use and their placement in order to create the desired effects was so perfect that when we did our night “walk-through” with him, no adjustments were required. He is quite simply the BEST!

Toni and Stephen H, Montecito, CA

Kathleen and I now officially like the outside of our house better than the inside! Is there any chance you can make our house look this good during the day? I can’t believe what a difference your lighting has made. We got a phone call from our neighbor asking if I did the lighting! I was a little upset when Kathleen admitted that in fact we had hired you, but I quickly got over it! Our home looks amazing!  Many thanks for your great work…it is very much appreciated….we now can’t wait for the trees!

Tim & Kathleen VDA-Toluca Lake , CA

Mike-We had company last night and I was really proud and they were impressed. I have already recommended you to two other possible customers.

Gina S- Somis, CA

Mike to truly appreciate your work is to see the finished product. The lighting of the trees against the evening sky is one of the loveliest improvements we have undertaken in our home. You are an artist with light. Thank you not only for your fine work but for your ethics as well.

Glen & Lori K- Thousand Oaks, CA

I want to thank you for the landscape lighting you did at our home which transformed it into a showcase. Your creativity was truly impressive and we were particularly impressed with your unique solutions to difficult problems and areas of our yard. Our friends and relatives likewise are amazed at the finished product and we receive a tremendous number of compliments.

David H, Simi Valley, CA

Many thanks Mike, everything looks fabulous!

Alison R, Bell canyon, CA

We had our lighting system installed 4 years ago and have had no problems whatsoever. I wish other items in our home worked as well. This was a great investment in our home and the system owes us nothing! Thanks Mike.

– Paula S, Simi Valley, CA

We would like to go ahead with your proposal for the patio lighting. By the way Donna was sitting out in the back last night after the lights came on and came back in the house a bit later with the comment…”I really like it”. Thanks

Bill T, Simi Valley, CA

The lighting is simply spectacular. I didn’t want to go inside last night. Again a great job.

Ken E. West Hills, CA

I can’t tell you what a pleasure it has been dealing with you. Not only is the finished product a work of art, but your professionalism, punctuality, pleasant demeanor, and creative vision has made this process an absolute joy. Thank you for caring and treating my home as it was yours.

Tyson C. Burbank, CA

Your work is very professional, clean and looks fantastic. I am very pleased.

Bill K. Agoura Hills, CA

It’s been one week since you finished the work on our yard and we continue to be thrilled with the result. You transformed our night lighting from a black hole to a showplace. We feel very lucky to have met you and engaged your services.

Jane T. Brentwood, CA

I have to admit at first I was very concerned, for what I was paying for this system, I would not receive equal value in return. I have owned many homes and have invested a lot in the one I own now and I can honestly say your lighting system is the single best home improvement investment I have ever made.

Richard E. Santa Monica, CA

After a horrible previous experience where improper materials were installed by an unqualified designer we wanted to have the job done right this time. Mike Gambino is the one to trust when it comes to outdoor lighting.

Thad C. Canyon country, CA

I had the intention of doing this project myself. After consulting with you I realized I would not be able to duplicate the equipment you use or the dramatic effects displayed in your portfolio. Not having the experience or knowledge that you do about outdoor lighting persuaded me to have you do the job. I look forward to having you back to do the backyard.

Gary M. Thousand Oaks, CA

What a difference! We are so pleased with how you have created a beautiful night scene in our backyard. Malibu lights could never achieve the same results.

Leo L. Camarillo, CA

I want to thank you for the beautiful lighting you have installed around our entire home. We constantly receive praise about the beautiful and stunning lighting

Maria V. Simi Valley, CA

I highly recommend using Gambino landscape lighting for your outdoor lighting needs. Mike is professional and reliable and I now use his services exclusively for all my landscape designs and would never again use anyone else.

Diane L. Gardens by Di

We called to see if you could help us with some silly Malibu lighting we were having trouble with, and after seeing the beautiful designs in your portfolio, we realized do-it-yourself lighting wasn’t going to achieve the look and feel we wanted for our backyard. The equipment you installed gave us so much light for low voltage. In the future we are planning to add more Gambino lighting to the rest of our outdoor areas. Thank you!

Deborah T. Simi Valley, CA

Of all the people we had working on our new home, you were the only one to do as you promised, finish on time and within budget. Our place is amazing at night. Thanks.

Brian F. Brentwood, CA

Thank you for the incredible landscape lighting work at our home. The effect is more than we could have imagined and our yard looks spectacular. We consulted several lighting specialists and found that your aesthetic sense is unsurpassed. You communicated plans clearly, phoned when you said you would and completed work punctually and efficiently. We look forward to referring our friends.

Deborah and John D. Westwood, Ca