Gambino Landscape Lighting FAQ’s

Does Gambino Landscape Lighting work in locations outside of Southern California?
Yes, Gambino Landscape Lighting can take a project in any state or country, not just where we are based. Please keep in mind that there will be mobilization and lodging costs on top of the job related costs. For more information please send us an email to info@Gambinolighting.com
Why should I hire Gambino landscape lighting Specialists and not my landscaper or electrician?
The answer to this question is subjective and lies in how well you want the lighting system to perform, and if you want it to continue to perform and last over time. Do you place value in a standalone, specialized business that will be more responsive to your needs? Gambino Landscape Lighting is best set up to perform your project and maintain your layout, with the most experience with landscape lighting; this is the only aspect of work that we are involved in. Do you care about getting the most up-to-date, appropriate, cutting-edge products and build techniques? Is specific knowledge that only comes from experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t important to you? Most of our clients found out the hard way and spent a lot of money gambling with a general trade contractor designing and installing their lighting, when in the end it didn’t perform well or fell apart, and then hired us to provide a long-term solution that works. This is not to say that some general trade contractors cannot do a good job, but we have found this to be the rare exception and not the rule. The decision is yours to make. The selection of the most qualified individual or company is the single most important aspect of the process resulting in your project being a success or a failure.
Who hires Gambino landscape Lighting?
Our broad range of clients include not only owners of large estates, like famous celebrities from Hollywood and the music business, along with successful business professionals, but also everyday, ordinary folks with modest homes, and everything in between. What our clients have in common is that they take pride in their exterior environments, are not averse to investing in them, and have the design sophistication to adorn them with the highest quality amenities. They also have the financial capability to do so. We also do our share of projects for discerning owners of commercial properties, bringing attention and identity to their businesses after dark.
When should I get Gambino Landscape lighting involved in my project?

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is right now or when budget permits. The nice thing about landscape lighting is that it can be installed at any time. If you are planning a new or landscape renovation we should be brought in very early in the process so all of your options can be available to you and costly omissions and mistakes are not made before other phases of landscape and hardscape construction take place. Planning your Gambino landscape system early can pay big dividends later.

Will the process of building a Gambino Landscape Lighting System on my property harm my established landscaping?
Working around tree roots

No, all work is performed by hand with hand tools and not machinery. Mike Gambino and his crew have a combined 50 years of experience working in the landscape and are very respectful of plantings and other amenities on the property.

Will Gambino Landscape Lighting install products I’ve selected and purchased myself?
No, All Gambino landscape Lighting systems include products developed, tested by us and proven over the 25 years we have been in business to perform and last . They also have our brand name on them ensuring the client that we stand behind our products and our work.
Will Gambino landscape Lighting work with my interior designer or architect?
Yes and No. Mike Gambino is the most experienced and capable designer of his own high performance systems and has been doing so for the last 30 years, with many satisfied clients as proof. Yes, under the condition that we are able to specify and install our own products and third party involvement is limited to ideas and suggestions, with the understanding that Gambino Landscape Lighting retains all final creative control of the project. In this way, we can fully warrant and guarantee the end result of the project. No, under any other scenario.
Does Mike Gambino or Gambino landscape Lighting Do Charity Projects?
Currently, due to the busy schedule of Gambino lighting and the crew we do not have the ability to take on any kind of charity or donation project work. If an opportunity for an interesting project was presented to us and it was for a worthy cause we would definitely consider it though.
What Is The Process For Getting A Quotation?
The best way to get a quote or estimate is to send your information over through the contact forms of this website. Which is located in the footer of every page, or on the contact page located here. It is impossible for Gambino landscape Lighting to give quotes or estimates without a design consultation site visit because every landscape lighting project is completely unique. Any information a potential client can give in advance will help us determine a more accurate estimate. The most important thing to establish is scope of work and where the client and potential job(s) are located.
How Do We Get In Contact With Mike Gambino Or With Gambino Landscape Lighting?
The best and easiest way to get in touch with anyone at Lucas Lagoons is through our email mike@Gambinolighting.com. There are also easy to use forms in the footer of every page as well as on our contact page.
How can we keep up with the latest news and Gambino landscape Lighting Projects?
You can check back here often and visit our blog or Facebook page that is updated frequently. It will give you a sneak peek and insider information on most current projects and what is going on in the world of Gambino landscape Lighting.
Do you have a question that has not been answered here?
Contact Gambino Landscape Lighting here.