System Maintenance

Take Notice Often

Lack of Maintenance

If the system appears to have changed- areas appear darker or dimmer than before, section of lights not coming on, lighting effects appear to have diminished or things just don’t look the same and seem amiss but you can’t put your finger on what has changed these are good signs that your system is requiring a maintenance service call.

However we highly recommend preventative maintenance service visits by us on a regular basis of at least one time per year for smaller LED systems and at every 6 months for larger LED systems so they remaining performing and looking as good as they did the day they were installed.

The following procedures take place at a maintenance service call

General system check

Controller- System is manually turned on, timer/s are adjusted as needed

Transformers are visually checked for any irregularities and accumulated debris cleaned out of various nooks and crannies. Amperage readings are made to check for any changes from recordings taken at initial installation. If needed trouble shooting and repair is made.

Ground Fixtures- are inspected for damage and water intrusion around shrouds and adjustment points. Silicone seals and o-rings are checked and replaced or lubricated or touched up as needed. Glass lenses are cleaned with razor blades to remove crusted on mineral and dirt deposits to restore clarity for maximum light transmission. Fixtures are re-aimed and adjusted if needed.

Plants are pruned away from fixtures to prevent light from getting blocked and from creating hot spots in the scheme.

LED modules- Are checked to make sure all diodes are operating on the circuit board panel with the same intensity. Any repairs or replacements are made as needed.

Lights in trees- Cable attachments are inspected and loosened as required to prevent the tree from damaging them.

Path fixtures- have the undersides of their hats cleaned and re-sprayed with a high gloss high reflection white paint as needed. lenses are cleaned with razor blades. Fixtures are returned to plumb and level as needed.

What can system owner do and not do between scheduled maintenance visits

System owners can keep a close eye on the look of the system on a regular basis and report any irregularities immediately upon notice to Gambino landscape Lighting.

Owners can also keep equipment clean by wiping with a clean soft cloth and a mild soap like simple green which will not harm surrounding plants.

All system maintenance visits are charged at a time and materials basis so by keeping things clean they can save us time and in effect themselves money.

Owners should NOT under any circumstances try to make alterations or repairs/replacements or hire third parties to make alterations/repairs to the Gambino landscape lighting systems this includes but is not limited to lamp change outs, adjustments, system additions etc. Doing so may void any warranty.

After the system has been up and running for awhile, and everything is looking fine there might be a tendency to overlook routine maintenance.

Please note that lack of care and maintenance shall void all warranties.