Gambino High Performance LED Landscape Lighting Systems start around $5,000 with many clients investing an average of $12,500-$15,000 or more on initial project

Average costs for Complete comprehensive projects Front AND Backyards

  • Small (7,000′-1/4 acre) $8,000-$15,000
  • Medium (1/4-1/2 acre) $15,000- $30,000
  • Large (1/2-3/4 acre) $30,000- $50,000
  • Extra large(3/4 acre and up) $50,000 and up

Ala carte Average Costs

  • Complete comprehensive Front OR Back Yards
  • Small yards start around $5,000
  • Medium yards start around $9,000
  • Large yards start around $18,000
  • Extra Large yards start around $30,000
  • Patios
  • Small Patios start at $3,000
  • Medium patios start at $4,000
  • Large Patios start at $6,000
  • Front Architectural
  • Small homes start around $3,000
  • Medium homes start around $4,000
  • Large homes start around $5,000
  • Extra Large homes start around $8,000
  • Pool areas
  • Small pool areas start around $5,000
  • Medium pool areas start around $8,000
  • Large Pool areas start around $10,000

All pricing is for general informational purposes only. Actual cost of your project is influenced by where you have existing available120 volt power sources, scope of work, property size, type of switching system, degree of difficulty of installation such as site obstacles, hard or rocky soils, Terrain, surface rooting, type, size, density and qty of plant materials, access to the work site. Type and qty of fixtures and transformers etc. The larger the scope of work accepted the lower the average cost per fixture installed.

We use the same highest quality products and systematic process on each and every project whether it is for a small residential property , large custom estate or high end hotel project.

We know the capabilities and performance of our products (we designed them and have been using the same ones for many yrs) and are best equipped to know how many are needed and where and how they will be positioned on the property for optimum effect.

We will not compromise our high standards by agreeing to use lesser quality or lower qty of fixtures then we know what will be required in order to produce a project you and I will both be proud of.

We will work on small projects of interest and specialize in large estate and commercial properties of distinction for discerning clients.

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