Before We Meet

How do you know if we will be a good fit?
Who are our Ideal Clients?
Who do we work Best with?
What can be expected at a Design Consult?

No company or person can be everything to everybody, so knowing the clients that will appreciate and value our way of doing business, processes, products and service is a key to ours and your ultimate success.

By us being upfront and transparent you have the advantage of evaluating this information to either put us at the top of your prospective service provider list for your project or totally out of consideration in which case this serves to save everyone’s precious and valuable time. Only you can make this determination so we ask that you take a few moments to look this over before contacting us to schedule a paid consult and cost quotation with us.

With that in mind, the ideal client for a high level world class service company like Gambino landscape Lighting is EXACTLY like or a combination of all of these…

  • NOT opposed to paying for a custom personalized design consult/cost quote
  • All individuals come prepared, know what they want and cost they will accept
  • Due diligence, meetings/quotes with others completed before meeting with us.
  • Motivated and wants to get the job done TODAY
  • Will decide, YES or NO at first meeting and not have to “Think it over” *
  • Value dealing direct with owner/operator and not a commissioned salesperson
  • Has no existing landscape lighting system or one that needs to be replaced
  • Has seen Gambino projects live or photos of and like our signature design style
  • Has “learned their lesson” about getting what you pay for
  • Value solid working relationships and Stay loyal to the same brand for years
  • Has the value and budget for high end amenities and home improvements
  • Value the relationships they have with their service providers
  • Want the same company that designed and installed system to maintain it
  • Value a no BS, no drama experience with honest and reliable company/person
  • Want a premium solution that increases property value and lasts
  • Always hires a professional specialist, doesn’t like to “reinvent the wheel”
  • Provide wants, needs and likes then defer to the service professionals expertise
  • Has heard great things about Gambino Lighting from friends or social media
  • Feels comfortable taking care of payments promptly
  • Loves to give reviews when a service provider does work for them
  • Are influencers in their social circles and refer

If this describes your situation then I, Michael Gambino owner/operator of the company, would love to meet with you to discuss your project and earn your business. Please click here (Design consultation questionnaire) so I can better understand your project and provide photos if you can. I will be in contact shortly to schedule a mutually convenient time for all interested individuals to meet at your project site.

* Design consultation meetings are not a high pressure sales closing experience. All information will be presented, details discussed, questions answered, product samples presented and a firm quote provided verbally. You’ll be asked for an answer. A Yes is great, congratulations and welcome to the Gambino landscape lighting family. An agreement will be drawn up and signed on the spot and accompanied with a 50% payment to purchase exclusive fixtures and lighting equipment products for your project . A space in our construction schedule is then guaranteed and reserved. A No answer is fine too (No hard feelings) in which case a check or cash payment is made for the consult fee. “Think it over” answers will be considered a No and you will not be followed up with, will not have your information shared with anyone or be contacted by us again after our meeting. If you choose to move forward at a later date-cost, availability, scheduling and terms of service are subject to change depending upon current conditions at that time.