Lighting Services


All new client meetings for new design and installation projects start with a design consultation. See our Design consultation page here. We also perform expert witness services for litigation and law suits. Send us an e-mail here to inquire about our current fees.

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

Almost without exception, every project we have ever Designed and Installed over the past 25 years, including those featured in photos on this website, social media sites, magazines etc. were completed without a formal written design plan. Landscape Lighting is a Visual art. We do not design our systems on paper. Everything is conceptualized and laid out on sight during daylight hours. If you absolutely insist on seeing a sketch or formal design plan before moving ahead with your project then we might not be your company. Our clients have either seen our work live or in photos and trust our style and design sensibility. We do no traditional advertising. All of our work is from recommendation and referral. Rest assured that we are always out to optimize the end result and look of your project and use every dollar you have budgeted to its fullest extent. We want nothing more than for you to be totally delighted and for your lighting to show so well and be so impactful that current projects sell our future projects that is our goal. We know what works and what doesn’t after more than 25 years in the business. If you like what you see of our work then you will like what we can do similarly on your property. Possibilities are literally only limited to your property boundaries, imagination and budget.

Troubleshooting, system analysis Repair and Services

Any Maintenance or out of labor warranty work (systems older than 1 year old) is performed and charged on a Time and materials basis only and there is no guarantee on any pre-existing conditions or equipment not supplied or installed by us if we are given authorization to perform repair work. There is a minimum 1 hour system analysis fee of $300 for small systems/simple repairs. Larger more complex systems may require more time and are charged $250 per hour after the first hour or a fraction thereof. All payments are due promptly upon completion. If repairs are not simple we will then discuss what it will entail and quote a cost to repair the system before doing any work. At our discretion we reserve the right to void any system warranty if alterations or additions are made or non OEM parts used on a Gambino Landscape Lighting system without our prior knowledge, authorization and consent.

Existing System Upgrades and Halogen to LED Conversions

Highest quality LED’s

Expansion of your Gambino Landscape Landscape Lighting System is only limited by the boundaries of your property. The possibilities are literally only limited by your imagination and budget. If your budget did not permit you to do your project complete as you desired when originally installed and the funds are now available then please contact us so we can discuss your current needs. If you purchased a home with a pre-existing Gambino system and you would like to enhance it or have different requirements for your lighting or would like to adapt it to your lifestyle and tastes and not the previous owners please contact us to discuss (consultation fee may apply).

Halogen to LED conversions

If you have a Gambino Landscape Lighting system dating back to 1990 or more recent chances are that most, if not all of your existing fixtures can be upgraded from the old halogen technology to the new LED technology. Certain older fixtures cannot be upgraded and will need to be replaced.

Assuming that your system has been maintained by us on a regular basis or at least somewhat maintained by us over the years and is otherwise in good working order we highly recommend this upgrade for the following reasons:

Higher Quality Light Source

Gambino LED’s produce a higher quality color rendering than halogen lamp equivalents. This means that colors really pop and are subjects are enhanced by shining direct light on them after dark. They are also friendlier around plants and will not scorch leaves that come in contact with them like halogen.

Fixtures run cooler

Because LED does not produce as much heat as halogen, fixtures stay much cooler to the touch when they are in operation making them safer around children and pets. Glass fixture lenses also experience less etching and fogging from the reduced heat keeping them clearer longer so there is no diminished light output.

Last Longer

LED is rated to last on average 5-10 times longer than halogen. This means lower downtime, lamp replacement and maintenance costs.

Save Electricity

LED lighting systems are significantly less costly to operate. On average LED consumes 5 times less electricity to operate than their halogen equivalents while producing the same amount or more light.

The Process

If you are an original owner of a Gambino Landscape Lighting system, We will come out and assess your system or provide a free quote over the phone to upgrade it to LED. If you purchased a home with a Gambino Landscape Lighting system already installed a site visit with a nominal design consultation fee will be applied to your final balance ($3,500 minimum purchase) of payment due upon completion.

Maintenance Service

LED lamps do not replace the need for normal scheduled maintenance service of your system however it does extend the recommended time intervals for service. We recommend on very large, estates or commercial properties For LED systems three site visits per year and for halogen 4 site visits per year. For large systems twice per year for LED and 3 times per year for halogen and for medium to smaller systems once per year for LED and twice per year for halogen. For specific maintenance information.