What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

Large and smaller Systems alike for distinctive properties

When choosing a company to create your custom built lighting system, particularly larger systems, you want to find a trusted company that has a perfect understanding of the intricate designs, stability issues and materials needed for high fixture count projects . Consumers who choose custom built landscape lighting systems large or small are those that are often not appeased by the normal offerings. Many custom landscape lighting systems require hundreds of components. These huge systems, need to be installed with precision, designed to perfection and comprised of the best quality materials available today.

Even when you know that a custom made landscape lighting system  is what you are looking for, you may not know how to spot the right one for you and your space. The first consideration is the size and layout of the area in which the custom landscape lighting system will be built for. If you have a small space and want it to appear larger at night, that in most cases can be accomplished.

Another consideration is the use for which the lighting will be presented. If you want to showcase your home or to pull people into your business, the more intricate and dramatic the better. If you are trying to add a safety or security element of light to the exterior space, a more simple design may meet your needs.

The best part of having a custom made landscape lighting system created to your specifications is the fact that whatever the intended use of the property, one can be created exactly for your space and your style.

While Gambino landscape lighting is based in the Los Angeles California area, we will travel all over the world to create, set up and install the custom landscape lighting system of your dreams. Never again settle for something that is good enough. Treat yourself, your business, your home to the best in landscape lighting design. With hundreds of designs and hundreds of happy customers served, the Gambino landscape lighting Company is ready to design your next dream in light.

What sets us Apart from the Rest

All of our equipment that is installed and exposed to the elements is constructed of solid brass, copper and stainless steel. We do not use standard low quality plastic stakes that will break. The ground stakes that anchor fixtures to the earth are constructed of heavy gauge brass or PVC that will not corrode or break. Unlike most others we also do not direct bury low voltage cable in the ground where it can and does get damaged causing expensive repairs and downtime. All of our cable is protected in rigid PVC electrical conduit and buried 6″ below grade. All of our equipment far exceeds industry standards are fully serviceable and it is very rare that a complete fixture would ever need replacement. We also offer and highly recommend ongoing maintenance service on every system we install.

Where most others use cheap plastic quick connectors or wire nuts that do not hold wire connections together tight or protect from the environment and become problematic. We use brass lugs and marine grade heat shrink that fully encapsulates and protects our spliced wire connections.

Our transformers are of our own design (like all of our equipment including fixtures) and along with our electrical engineering capabilities developed over 25 years in the field, ensures that the proper voltage is delivered to each and every lamp in the system for optimum performance, light color and longevity.

And that brings us to one of the most important aspects if not THE most important aspect of the system our CREE American made LED chips. Our energy efficient LED modules with large integral heatsinks have advanced state of the art driver electronics specially tuned to deliver constant color rendition that is true and natural. Performance equals and exceeds that of halogen lamps of the past that used to consume up to 5x more electricity to operate. Each proprietary Gambino LED lamp module has the ability built in to make brightness adjustments at each fixture, affording us extremely versatile control over the lighting design. Multiple beam spreads are also made possible without having to replace the module by way of several optic.lenses that we have available. As plant materials grow and change over time our LED’s are fully adjustable to change along with them making them very valuable especially in immature landscapes and mature  landscapes alike.

Does all of this advanced high quality equipment cost more? Yes it does, however it is a permanent capital improvement to your property and will add value and usability while you live there and increased resale value when you go to sell. It will also save you the hassle and high cost of having to replace lesser quality equipment that will not last. Labor costs are the same whether you install high quality equipment or low quality inferior materials. Pay Less overall to have the job done right the first time.