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Please take a few moments to fill out this form to the best of your ability to better enable us to assist you with your landscape lighting needs. Please check all that apply. None of your information will be shared with anyone outside of our company without your permission.
Incomplete submissions will be rejected.

1. What is your relationship to the property?
I am the property ownerI am the Architect, designer, licensed contractor working for owner (please type address below)
I am the owners representativeI am the new owner of a property which already has an existing Gambino landscape Lighting system (name of previous owner)

2. How can we help you?
Maintenance/Repair/Remodel an existing Gambino landscape lighting System (Please note we do not work with existing products not supplied by or not previously installed by us)Remove and replace an existing outdoor lighting system with a new design and installationHave a Brand New High performance LED Landscape lighting System designed and Installed

3. If you are replacing an existing system what do you not like about it?
Unreliable and ProblematicComponents are old and outdated or oxidized, rusted or damagedNon functioningIneffective (too dim, poor color, quality of light etc.)

4. Why do you want to light your property? (please choose all that apply)
To Showcase and bring attention to the home and propertyAccent architectural details of the homeTo increase usability and enjoyment of propertyIncrease Property and resale valueFor Increased Safety and Security valueBeauty and AestheticsBetter visibility for navigation and traverseFor Parties or Entertaining

5. Where are the Primary viewing Location's
From the streetFrom PatioFrom window views inside the home (Please specify with photo attachments)

6. Where and what amenities on your property are you interested in lighting? (please choose all that apply and use the blank space for additional information)
Front yardBack yardSideyard's-Architectural featuresSpecial plants and trees-Pathways and steps-Pool decking and surrounding areasPatioWater featuresStatuaryOther

7. Are there any parts or aspects of your property that you specifically do NOT want to light?

8. How would you like to control your new lighting system
Dusk to dawn operationAutomatic timerManual switch operationOther

9. What Best describes your purchasing time frame
ASAP, we have done our research and are ready to hire a lighting design/build specialist nowHiring now, but may have other projects that must come firstHiring within 30 days, interviewing lighting designer/builders onlyHiring within 30 days, interviewing general tradesJust getting information and ideasOther

10. What is your budget for this project?
$5,00-$10,000$10,000-$15,000$15,000-$20,000$20,000-$30,000$30,000 or greater

11. Who will be making the decisions on this project? (please name all and relationship)

12. When do you want the work completed by?
As soon as PossibleTo be coordinated with a new or remodel landscaping or hardscaping projectOther

13. Meetings for Design Consultation, site evaluation and Cost proposal (Also applies to onsite meetings for new owners who bought a property with a Gambino landscape Lighting system already on it)
I would like to schedule a prepaid design consultation and cost proposal with all decision makers present on my property with my payment applied to the balance due at completion of my installation. (Mastercard and Visa payments accepted).Please contact me by phone ASAP to make payment and for schedulingWestern Ventura county and North West San Fernando valley- $100Eastern Ventura county Santa Clarita and South and Eastern San Fernando Valley- $150Montecito and Carpinteria-$250Santa Barbara- $300Northern and West Los Angeles- $200South and East Los Angeles county- $250Orange County- $300Outlying areas please inquireI would like to schedule a prepaid REMOTE design consultation with an evaluation of my photos I send and a phone discussion of design opportunities and general cost proposal to complete the install. With a $100 pre-payment applied to balance due at completion of my installation. Mastercard and Visa payments accepted.Please contact me by phone ASAP to make payment and for scheduling

14. How Did You Hear About Us
GoogleFacebookReferral (Please type name in box)

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