10 reasons why low voltage lighting systems are better than high voltage lighting systems

10 reasons why low voltage lighting systems are better than high voltage lighting systems

by Mike Gambino

Yes, that’s right, low voltage landscape lighting systems are better than high or standard house current landscape lighting systems, at least in most applications.

Are there exceptions? Sure, maybe in some large industrial or commercial properties that have huge buildings and or tremendous sized trees.

But the fact that low voltage landscape lighting systems are exploding in popularity all over the world, especially in the US and Canada,  proves that it is the lighting system of choice especially and even more so with the advent of new LED low voltage lighting technology.

But the main question is why? Why so much growth in popularity?

Here’s the short answer: 10 Reasons why low voltage landscape lighting systems are more popular than standard house current lighting systems in the US

1. Easier to relocate: Should the need arise due to changes in the landscape or growth of plant materials. Relocation of lighting fixtures is much easier, more flexible and less expensive than those of their HV counterparts.

2. Smaller fixtures: Less bulky, take less space and easier to conceal in the landscape- “see the effect not the source”.

3. Less Cost: Yes, the two systems may cost around the same initially, but long term, due to the much lower consumption of energy, a LV system is much less. Even more so in a LV LED landscape lighting system.

4. Quicker Install: Who wants a lighting guy in their yard for an extended period? Answer: Nobody. In fact, LV systems are often completed, in a fraction of the time that it takes to install a HV system. This means less stress for homeowners, neighbors, pets, etc.

5. Less disruption to existing landscaping: Believe it or not, this is a big deal. because LV lighting is not subject to the same codes and rigid installation requirements so much less disruption to an established landscape occurs during a system installation. At Gambino lighting, we’ve had many customers who had HV lighting in the past and bought our LV system specifically for this reason.

6. More Appealing to Potential Home Buyer: Now that so many people understand the longevity and cost of operation benefits of a LV system, the real estate market has become very attracted to these types of systems because potential home buyers see them as a highly desired amenity and don’t see them as a lot of hassle in the future.

7. Higher quality fixtures: Higher quality LV fixtures and lamps are more readily available especially those made from brass copper and stainless steel.

8. Safety: LV current is inherently safe and poses a very miniscule risk of shock hazard in the yard.

9. The Green Advantage: With all the talk of the environment today, anything that uses less electricity is a good thing. And when it comes to LV vs. HV, there’s no question which one uses less.

10. Sound Structure, Built to Last: No matter what your soil or weather conditions are, a Gambino High Performance low voltage landscape lighting system is strong enough to resist the constant elements over the years.

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