“The Reality of What Exists”

“The Reality of What Exists”

By Mike Gambino

This week’s blog was written by Mark carlson of Avalon Lighting Design in Roseville, CA. He had some interesting points in a private e-mail to me after I posted last weeks blog article so I asked him if he would like to guest blog this week and here he is……….

By Mark Carlson

expertadviceHere it is…..a three day weekend and holiday to honor Memorial Day.  I sit behind my computer viewing out the front window of my home….the sun is shining, it’s somewhat peaceful outside and my American flag is proudly flying.  As I look around the neighborhood, few have flags up as a form of respect.  Why is this?

Doesn’t it seem that the majority are looking at this weekend as a chance to have extended fun?  To most, this is the beginning of summer…..a chance to fire up the BBQ and to enjoy time together.  I’m not saying this is bad, but how does this show any respect to what this holiday is supposed to mean?

My point here is that we are missing the boat here…we should be honoring and remembering those who have lost their lives while serving this great country.

Mike had asked me to contribute to his excellent blog series with this commentary, as it specifically related to his last posting of the article called, “Persona Non Grata in the Landscape Lighting Industry.”  I am honored to do so.

So what does ‘Persona Non Grata’ mean?……”An unwelcome person”.  I’ve been heavily involved in this trade profession for about two decades now…..less than Mike Gambino, but face this same dilemma he does.  The two of us have been listed by many of our peers, as being confrontational against the “machine.”  The majority of our trade is eager to just follow whatever is thrown at them without standing up for what is right or wrong.  Why is this?  Are they too busy?  Do they only want to fit in with the masses?  Are they scared to say something?  Mike and I have not succumbed to this position, as we both have been willing to speak out against the wrongs that exist.

Mike and I find ourselves “unwelcomed” to most, but that is okay because we believe in what has been fought for over all of these years.  It all started with Frank B. Nightingale…..father of garden (landscape) lighting since 1933.  He was the first to establish this profession so that it had meaning and a real purpose.  His three primary objectives were—to Innovate, to Educate, and to provide Uncompromised Quality.

Back to my story…..as I looked out the front window, I noticed not many flags flying.  This was disheartening to me.  Was it because many have lost interest?  Was it because they just don’t know what it’s all about?  Was it because they were all too tired to care?  Regardless of why, in my eyes it’s pathetic to not honor those in this small way.

I compare the landscape lighting profession in this way because I/we see so many of our colleagues “asleep” at the wheel!  They too, fall into this category of apathy by not standing up for the very things that they should.  Currently, we are faced with a great challenge…..that of protecting our trade profession and the artistry that comes with it.  There are too many details to cover this last statement, but this is what exists.

Most of our trade profession is only concerned with the superficial….the outer surface of our existence.  They too, want to just ‘party’ and pat each other on the backs for just being there….surviving–at what cost?  What has been lost and what will the future hold for ALL of us when the next generation comes?  I see the majority of landscape lighting contractors not willing to ‘fly their flag’.  I ask, “Why are they not willing to give back…..to protect what it is we have…..to honor those that were more than passionate enough to create this discipline?”

I’m not really sure how to conclude this.  Rather, I would like to thank Mike Gambino and the other very limited few who are willing to sacrifice…..to give….to protect….and to serve this trade.  I’m grateful and I choose to do the same.

Mark Carlson

Avalon Lighting Design

Roseville, CA


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