Being a “Good” Client Leads to a Successful Landscape lighting Project

Being a “Good” Client Leads to a Successful Landscape lighting Project

By Mike Gambino

The outcome of a landscape lighting project can often be predicted by how well the homeowner does their planning – planning done before a landscape lighting design build contractor is even selected for the project.

2 lionsWhy, you ask?

Because landscape lighting projects tend to run more smoothly for a “good” customer.

Look at it this way. Your landscape lighting design and build contractor can plan for the materials needed, schedule the build and manage the project based on what they can control. A good customer will do their best to not change things in mid project, allowing the plan to unfold with few or no adjustments. In these conditions, your project will be completed on time and within budget. But what exactly makes a good landscape lighting client?

pool waterfallsTraits Of A Good Landscape Lighting Client

Whether discussing a small system remodel or a large custom landscape lighting system, there are some traits good clients share:

  • Their Design and Build contractor is not selected only on price. Good clients expect to pay a reasonable price for quality and expertise. They appreciate a professional landscape lighting design and build contractor and what they offer.
  • After the selection of a contractor is made, respect the contractor’s time, ability and knowledge. Second guessing by “Googling” alternate products and double checking multiple items slows the process down and destroys the collaborative vibe successful projects benefit from. Mutual respect is a must.
  • Clarity about the project scope and budget. Being honest and as precise as possible about your budget will save you money and headaches. A landscape lighting design and build Contractor understands a number of factors and material selections can impact project cost. Assuming your budget is reasonable, your Contractor will work to meet it. Remember, your successful landscape lighting design and build Contractor is busy. Your focus and clarity will help the project proceed in the most efficient manner.
  • Being open minded can help every project. Some things are not physically possible to do and materials cost what they cost. Your ability to manage your own reasonable expectations will help your project go smoothly.
  • A good client understands the build process. Rely on your contractor to lay out the plan, but understand certain things are in place for a reason. Whatever you can do to help the plan play out without changes, the better it is for the contractor, the project and the project timeline.
  • Flexibility is especially important when you are living in the home during the build process. Your willingness to work with the plan or schedule helps everyone do their job better.
  • Be as decisive as possible when options are presented. Acting in a timely basis helps avoid gaps in scheduling, false starts and expensive change orders. Because landscape lighting projects are technically complex by nature, be prepared to have some parts of the project be completed ahead of schedule, and others a little behind. Flexibility will help your project – and your sanity.
  • If you don’t understand something, ask questions. A true professional will appreciate your questions and see it as an opportunity to help attain the best finished product possible.
  • Be a team. You and your landscape lighting design and build contractor must collaborate throughout the process. Some projects can last several weeks or months, so simply liking each other can be a huge positive during the project. Trust and respect are ingredients from which every project benefits.


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