Frequently Asked Questions about our Landscape Lighting Design/Build Process

Frequently Asked Questions about our Landscape Lighting Design/Build Process

From one-company accountability, industry-leading products and limited warranty to our exceptional people and impressive technology, we answer our client’s top questions about our industry leading process.

 By Mike Gambino

I’m researching landscape Lighting and considering a Gambino High Performance Landscape Lighting system. What’s the first step I need to take?

First, you’ll schedule your design consultation for which a nominal fee is charged but credited when you hire us. Fill out our questionnaire form on our website, and we’ll set up a specific time that works for you (no vague appointment windows). During your individual design consultation, we’ll get to know you and your home and property, identify its particular challenges or issues, and then talk about ways we can address them. At the end of your consultation, if you don’t retain us then and there, you’ll be left with a written quotation with pricing good for thirty days.

Why is the individual design consultation so important?

There’s no home exactly like yours, so you shouldn’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your landscape lighting. All of our proprietary lighting products are custom crafted, and made-to-order to fit your properties exact needs. Therefore, before our trained design consultants can give you an estimate, they need to learn about your situation. Your consultant will meet with you in the comfort of your home, at a time that fits your schedule. He/she will walk through the details of your particular situation, listen to your needs, talk with you about a number of options, and provide you with pricing for your specific project that will allow you to review your options and make the best decision for your home and your budget. Because your home is unique, it shouldn’t be treated like any other house on the block—that’s why your design consultation is so important.

What happens during the design consultation?

Some of our prospects know exactly what they want when our consultants walk on the property—they know the type of effects and specific elements they would like illuminated. But for some homeowners, this is uncharted territory. When you schedule your free in-home design consultation, here’s what will happen:

  1. First, we’ll listen to you about your goals and the vision you have for your new landscape lighting.
  2. We’ll inspect your property’s current situation and identify any unique design and installation challenges.
  3. We’ll talk with you about ways to balance beauty and budget, and come up with a design solution(s) that fits your home, your timeline, and your bottom line.
  4. He/she will answer any and all questions you have—whether they are about style (“Can you do a dark exterior trim to match my siding?” or “What’s the right look for an Arts and Crafts bungalow?”), logistics (“It’s fall…do I have to wait until spring?”), or function (“What do you recommend for an elderly woman who has mobility issues?”).
  5. Your design consultant will look for the best possible deal for you—letting you know of any cost saving possibilities, configuring bulk or quantity discounts for large projects, and walking you through our creative design.
  6. Your consultant will draw up a contract and have it ready for you along with a detailed estimate and pricing good for 30 days.


I’m having a hard time imagining all of the fixture styles, finishes, and fixture options. How can you help?

Your design consultant will be bringing actual product samples so you can see, touch, and feel everything first-hand. What’s more, our descriptive process can help you actually visualize OUR lighting system on YOUR property—from both the inside and outside the home.

Where are my fixtures and transformers built? Who builds them?

After you decide to move forward with Gambino landscape Lighting, your project specs are sent to our warehouse shop where all of the raw parts and castings procured globally are waiting to be assembled and sealed off from the elements.  Your fixtures are custom crafted, assembled and made-to-order with precision and care by our dedicated employees who take great pride in their work.

One thing that makes production special to us is that we only make to order. Every unit that we make has an order and a name attached to it. When an order comes down the line, our shop workers take care of your project because we know that this is YOUR landscape lighting system consisting of fixtures that have our brand logo on it, not just an anonymous generic fixture pulled hastily from distributor shelves that everyone else uses.

What makes your system installers the best in the business?

As specialists who only install landscape lighting day in and day out we have the advantage of Experience!  Installation of a landscape lighting system isn’t simply a matter of putting a fixture in the yard and attaching wire to it. It’s a matter of expertly fitting YOUR custom crafted fixture into your existing landscaping so the effect is seen and the source is minimized and concealed. Landscape Lighting system installers need to be prepared to handle any number of challenges such as variations in soil types and depths, various types of obstructions such as surface roots, hardscaping, plantings and even unforeseen site obstacles that make an installation challenging and every site has them. This is why we only hire the best candidates—folks who are professional craftspeople experienced in working on properties of homes of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our installers are proud of the work they do and the products they install, and they’re dedicated to working with individual homeowners and going the extra mile whenever necessary (and often even when it’s not).

Our Certified Master Installer program takes “professional” to the next level with meticulous training, extensive supervision, and high expectations. Prior to certification, we require all trainers and installers to demonstrate their knowledge of construction materials, building codes, and installation methods.

What happens if I need service on my Gambino landscape lighting System?

Our products come with our logo on each one so rest assured we are not hiding if and when there is an issue that needs our attention. Should you have any issues, give us a call or send us an e-mail and our in-house Customer Care Representatives will be able to help you get your concerns remedied in short time.

What does the limited warranty cover?

When we say we’re with you from start to finish and beyond, we mean it. Our industry leading limited warranty covers the power center transformer and hardware, AND the installation. It’s a warranty that is made as a promise to you, and backed by extensive testing and 30 years of .

What happens to my warranty if I sell my home?

Don’t worry—the limited warranty on your Gambino Landscape Lighting System products are fully transferable, should you sell your home.

How many people will I be in contact with throughout the process?

We know it can be confusing when there are a lot of parties involved in an important home improvement project like installing a landscape lighting system. That’s why we take pride in providing you with a start-to-finish solution. From design and sales through installation and service, it’s all owner Mike Gambino. Our team  is here to make your landscape lighting project the most streamlined home improvement project you’ve ever done. After you decide to purchase, here are our specialists you may come in contact with:

  1. Design consultant (assess, measure, educate, demonstrate, solutions, pricing)
  2. Project Technician (system layout)
  3. Professional Installers (remove any old lighting components, prepare, install new lighting, clean up)
  4. Customer Care Reps or Service Technicians (should any issues arise down the road)
  5. Maintenance techs (Ongoing scheduled care and maintenance of your system)


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