Mike Gambino mentioned in a national landscape lighting franchisee blog

Mike Gambino mentioned in a national landscape lighting franchisee blog

By Mike Gambino,

I just did a yahoo search for my name  and came up with this favorable mention on a blog from Nite-Lites a National franchise landscape lighting operation.

Thank you Nite-Lites of Columbus. I agree with your message regarding the absolute necessity for landscape lighting maintenance service. At least if a new landscape lighting system provider offers a maintenance plan it is implied that the system should at least be serviceable. On the other hand a property owner should be real suspicious of anyone not offering maintenance and after installation care or support.

I have also had my share of new work come from the undesirable practice of a previous installer who provided a cheap lighting systems with products made of inferior grade materials and did not offer support or after installation service. Of course it fell apart and failed in short time and needed to be replaced in its entirety.

Thank you for quoting me and I greatly appreciate your kind words by describing me as an industry-wide lighting expert. Keep up the good and much needed work of spreading the word on proper procedures and practices in the professional landscape lighting business.

Whether you’re landscape lighting in Los Angeles California or Columbus Ohio the need for quality information, products and service is the same.

Here is the excerpt from the blog:

Through years of experience this national lighting franchise has found that many non-NiteLites systems in operation suffer from one or more of the following issues: lack of integrity in the lamp, incorrect equipment, electrical system problems, improper installation, unreliable service procedures, and/or inadequate maintenance. 

Mike Gambino, an industry-wide lighting expert, expressed a similar sentiment in his most recent article, Material Standards, in Water Shapes magazine www.watershapes.com .  He wrote “The problem with products made with low-grade materials is that, in most cases, they do work –  at least at first. The client has no idea which products are inferior and all too often is left on his or her own to find another firm to set things right.

This is one of the reasons why, with every prospect I meet, I always stress the importance of working with professionals who at least offer maintenance packages; It is, I tell them, a demonstration of the contractor’s belief in the end product and signifies a willingness to ensure long-term client satisfaction.”

All outdoor lighting systems require regular maintenance in order to operate correctly and maintain their top performance. NiteLites offers an optional annual maintenance program, which extends the one year bulb warranty year after year. NiteLites clients will never have to worry about the cost, materials, or labor required for maintaining their lighting system.  NiteLites of Columbus offers comprehensive outdoor lighting services for the Columbus area including outdoor lighting: design, installation, repair, and retrofitting of existing lighting systems with LEDs.  More information about this national outdoor lighting franchise can be found at www.nitelites.com.

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