New Gambino Landscape Lighting LED’s are here !

New Gambino Landscape Lighting LED’s are here !

by Mike Gambino

I am very excited to announce the availability of our new 12Volt MR-16 LED lamp retrofits especially designed to work in Gambino landscape lighting fixtures.

Factory status: The factory is small, it has two assembly lines. One reflow soldering machine, one integrating sphere and one aging test room. The workshop is very clean. The owner is an electronics engineer.

Although the factory is small, they are very capable of producing excellent quality LED lamps. In fact they are one of the very few factories which currently have UL component certification for the LED lamps they manufacture.

Technicians shown in the state of the art factory that manufacture our LED's

The lamps have been especially designed and engineered for Gambino light fixtures and were tested inside our fixtures in a temperature box which simulates maximum ambient  nighttime air temperatures that the fixtures normally operate in.

This is very important to engineer, optimize and forecast the maximum usable lifespan of the LED which is up to 40,000 hours. Our new high quality high output dimable 3 watt 2700K warm white MR-16 LED lamp is a design choice alternative to the 20 watt MR-16 lamp when energy savings and long lasting lamps are important. And as with all of the high performance products we have manufactured for us, only the finest materials and components are used and they are designed and built to last.

Machine used in manufacturing LED lamps

Our first order of LED's are on the wall being quality control tested before packaging and shipping

About the quality and lifespan of the LED lamp:

Not all LED’s bulbs will do well in all lighting fixtures. Today I discussed with the owner of the manufacturing company about the lifespan of LED lamps. He told me the most important parts of led lamp are the power supply chips or driver and the LED chips themselves. The lifespan of power supply PCB chip and LED chips is directly related to the working temperature.

Our epoxy potted LED drivers are especially designed for outdoor use in Gambino landscape lighting fixtures

If the LED chip’s temperature is too high, the lumen depreciation (measurement of light output or brightness) of the LED will be fast and the weak point of power supply LED is the capacitance, whose lifespan is also related to the temperature.

So dissipation of heat is very important. He told me its best not to operate the lamps in daytime hours when the air temperature is high.

He also noted that his factory assembles the LED’s based on the safety instructions of UL where most LED manufacturers currently have had no testing or approvals of certified testing laboratories such as UL.

In addition Our MR16’s inside driver is completely sealed and potted to resist moisture which is crucial for any LED which is to be installed out of doors regardless of whether it is inside an enclosed fixture.

It’s important to mention that LED’s are not  for use outside of an enclosed fixture in an exterior environment.

Identification of the LED type is very important. Therefore we have elected to have laser printed on the lamp itself all pertinent information regarding the LED.

This includes manufacturing date for warranty purposes. UL component listing. Power requirements, degree of  beam angle, wattage and color of light. Our 3 watt 2700K warm white MR-16 LED’s are designed to operate for up to 40,000 hours. Feature American made CREE LED chips and come in beam spreads of 30,45 and 60 degrees.

Pertinent information regarding degree of beam angle, wattage and color of light are laser printed right on the lamp itself

Reverse side of lamp contains the UL component listing, CREE LED chips, GLL (Gambino landscape lighting) and manufacture date

As with all of our products they come packaged in very attractive Gambino Logo’ed packaging .

Our LED's will come packaged securely one per box

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