Procrastination- Putting off the purchase of your landscape lighting system

Procrastination- Putting off the purchase of your landscape lighting system

by Mike Gambino

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions. How many times in your life have you ever had the desire to enhance your lifestyle that just went away or improved on its own by waiting?  One of the secrets to being successful, no matter what your walk of life, is the ability to muster the courage to take action and make decisions in the present. Some will always have one reason or another to talk themselves into not going ahead with improving their current situation.

Walking around in circles on your property thinking about a landscape lighting project instead of just going ahead with it so you can be enjoying the benefits and not just fantasizing about them doesn’t improve your situation without action. Preoccupation with the thought of how will the finished project look, Am I spending too much, is this the right thing to be doing. Sometimes we think too much and those thoughts can impair our ability to act.

Will prices get lower or conditions better By Waiting?

Simply put, No. Unlike the computer and electronics industry where technology improves and prices come down as time goes by. High quality landscape lighting systems rise in price as the cost of overhead, lighting materials and labor increases. Waiting for “better times” to have your landscape lighting system rarely if ever results in the best way to go. Time is something we can never get back. Like the saying goes-No better time than the present.

Over-analyzing can certainly affect your ability to move forward.  I mean think about it. Can you really ever increase your safety, security, aesthetic beauty of your property after dark and your quality of life by simply waiting for them to change on their own? – Whenever we view a solution to any problems we face, as a waiting game, we tend not to do much of anything and become paralyzed.

We think mistakenly that things will eventually change if we just have patience. The result is that the same problems keep coming up day after day, month after month, year after year. This is because property owners will blame finances, economic conditions or just about anything else other than the action they will take to make something positive and enjoyable happen.

Success Begins With Your Beliefs

The first place that the desire for a landscape lighting system usual begins is in your imagination. That is all well and good but do yourself a favor and don’t indulge yourself in falling into a dysfunctional routine with no payoff.  Remember that when you take action to make change happen, you will go a long way to create a happy and fulfilled life.

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