A Matter of Trust: Landscape Lighting Requires Solid Relationships

A Matter of Trust: Landscape Lighting Requires Solid Relationships

By Mike Gambino

No matter what the scale or shape of your landscape lighting project, from a small front yard to a whole-property, it requires the same key ingredient to be a success – trust.

Homeowners should develop a relationship with a contractor they can trust. As much as we emphasize clear and complete communication with our clients, there’s simply no way that we or any other contractor can educate the customer about everything that will come up during the course of a landscape lighting construction project.

Ultimately, we work to build bridges of trust with our clients so that we and our team can do the job that they so diligently selected us for. It all comes down to trust.

Our level of expertise and our dedication to client service has given us a devoted following. Landscape lighting is often more complicated than most construction projects at the home because it not only involves a good and creative design but selection of the best materials and an expert installation to make the job a success.

That’s why it’s important to select a specialized landscape lighting company with a lot of diversified experience that is also willing to take the time to get to know you and understand your goals for the project. When we start a project, everyone looks at it as if it were their own property. That is not only apparent in the respect for the plants and trees and other amenities in the yard by working carefully around them but in the shared unified goal to end up with the best end result for the client.

Sometimes unpredictable issues may occur during work and an open line of communication must be established with the client to keep them open to all of their options.

We always try to be open to achieving the best result for our homeowners. We develop a detailed plan going into the project, yet we are always open to change to give homeowners exactly what they want. The results are well worth the extra effort, after all clients will be using if not viewing that space 12 months out of the year. Clients appreciate the honesty and view it is a pleasure to have someone they can count on, and know that they will not be disappointed

Successful landscape lighting systems don’t happen by chance.

Gambino landscape lighting has a full complement of people working hand in hand to create a seamless outcome. In a very unusual and unique way not found with any other service provider, owner operator Mike Gambino is on-site project supervisor responsible for construction and material scheduling and quality control who carefully oversees every detail to keep projects on course. We also have great long-term relationships with our trade partners who manufacture and supply the proprietary products we have specially designed for use in our systems. Other important members of the team work together very well, and we have exceptional communication with them. We take a team approach that enables us to give clients an end product they will enjoy for many years to come. That team approach is appreciated by clients.We have very detail-oriented craftsmen, and with Company owner operator as supervisor constantly on the job site that is also great for keeping in communication with homeowners.

It is very important to have someone you can trust, and our goal is to leave a lasting impression.

Most Gambino landscape lighting clients will agree that we just have wonderful service and wouldn’t have anyone else do any lighting work on their property.

This landscape lighting blog is published by Mike Gambino of Gambino landscape lighting inc. all rights reserved. Mike is a professional landscape lighting system designer/ builder and has been designing, installing and maintaining landscape lighting systems for more than 20 years. Mike resides in the Los Angeles area with his wife and 2 sons. To visit his website go to www.gambinolighting.com . To inquire about hiring Mike please click here .

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