Gambino 100% High Performance LED Landscape lighting systems

Gambino 100% High Performance LED Landscape lighting systems

By Mike Gambino

Our new exclusive high output 7 watt LED lighting modules especially developed and designed to fit inside of our Gambino landscape lighting uplight fixtures have arrived Wednesday of this past week.

This is a definate game changer. We are now able to offer 100% LED high performance landscape lighting systems for the first time. This module has been tested and in development over the entire year of 2o12 by our LED manufacturer. We have been running test prototypes for about 6 months and have been chomping at the bit to get our first production run and its finally here.

What a fantastic way to start the new year. This module replaces the 35 watt halogen that we have been using forever but it only consumes 7 watts of electricity with equal color rendition and noticeably better brilliance.

We have been using our 3 watt LED 20 watt halogen replacement with incredible success for the past 2 years. The new 7 watt module uses the same  USA manufactured CREE LED diodes.  The machined aluminum body is designed to dissipate the greater heat requirements of the higher output lamps.

We have already installed 50 of them on two projects between Thursday and Saturday of this week.

Below are photos of one system with our new high output LED’s on the large trees and our lower wattage ones which were installed two years ago on all other features of the garden.

You can decide for yourself but I believe you can search high and low from Las Vegas to Dubai and you will never find Palms illuminated so effectively for  such little amount of power consumption.

Its like driving a Ferrari and getting better gas mileage than a Prius!!!!!!

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