Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

Creating Your Outdoor Oasis

By Mike Gambino

It is great when we get the chance to leave our everyday routines and go away on vacation. What’s not to love about relaxing in the warm sun by a pool? However, we all know the Coronavirus Pandemic has preempted many of our vacation plans and the truth is that vacations cannot last forever, and we will be coming home eventually. But what is stopping you from bringing the vacation to you? Turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor oasis, where you are free to enjoy it whenever you like!

Spruce up the patio

Give the patio a little extra kick by adding some final touches to it. Create a seating area with couches and throw pillows. Make it a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone to gather around in.

Add an outdoor cooking area

Many people enjoy cooking food outside once in a while, so why not include a barbecue on your deck? Whether you or your spouse likes to do the cooking, a BBQ dinner is sure to entice the entire family.

Install an outdoor water fountain

Having something beautiful to look at will make your oasis feel more complete. A water feature can be designed to your preference, and can have a cool water display. The sound of water flowing is sure to calm and relax you as you sit outside.

Create shade

If your backyard does not have many trees, it may be hard for you to find relief from the sun. Set up an awning over your patio if you want to relax in the shade. Otherwise, you could put a large umbrella up over the table so that you can eat in comfort.

Put in a Fire pit

Although it is currently summer and the temperature is high, autumn’s cooler evenings will soon be here and Relaxing in around a fire pit after a long day at work might be exactly what you need to de-stress. You will have the choice on the size, shape and design of your Fire pit. Careful where you place it to make sure the flames are not close to combustible materials.

Incorporate mood lighting

After the sun goes down, there will not be any light in your backyard apart from the moon and stars. If you want more light than that, you will need to take action. Hanging lights up in the tree branches to create a welcoming glow, dramatic lights placed under specimen and established trees, spread lighting across walkways and steps, indirect lights accenting architectural features to create atmosphere and so you can enjoy the light glow across your beautiful yard.

It is fairly simple to create your ideal space in your own backyard. Creating suitable lighting a bit more complicated. Dedicated landscape lighting design build specialists can safely and efficiently customize your lighting exactly to suit your needs. Unlike being on vacation, you do not need to share this space with people you do not know, as you would if you were on vacation.

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