The Pros and Cons of Installing A Custom LED Landscape Lighting System Design

The Pros and Cons of Installing A Custom LED Landscape Lighting System Design

By Mike Gambino

When deciding to invest in a custom LED landscape lighting design, it is important to consider the pros and cons before starting on any home improvement project for your home. You need to consider what your outdoor lighting needs are both now and in the possible future to avoid ending up in the same position a few years from now.

Corday-B-001It would be easy to go on about all the positives of having a custom LED landscape lighting system installed and show you endless designs to prove it. However, even though we may be biased, we understand that there are plenty of people who will have concerns or questions about installing a custom LED landscape lighting system on their property. So we decided to put together some of the undeniable pros of having a custom closet designed and installed; and to be fair, we also included the most common cons to help you see both sides of the endeavor.

Pros and Cons of Having Custom LED Landscape Lighting

Pro: Maximizes Your Usable living Space

Engel-3Probably the number one and most indisputable benefit of having a custom LED landscape lighting system is they make the most efficient use of your outdoor space. Your lighting system can be designed to perfectly accommodate all the activities that will take place in the space. A clever designer can create a design that is able to evolve with you if necessary. However with that said, it is still important to be careful not to have a system installed that is not easily added to or altered as this could mean that when things change as time goes on, you will leave yourself little room to grow.

A professional landscape lighting designer will have a lot of really creative tricks up their sleeves. One of the most impressive is always being able to maximize your space, no matter what size area they are working with. This means that they can transform all those nooks, crannies, and awkward spaces into functional and effective usable areas after dark. So when it comes to your outdoor living space and your peace of mind, this can be very beneficial.

Pro: Great Visual Enhancement

FireCustom low voltage LED landscape lighting systems provide huge visual enhancements. Everything from large shade trees, accent shrubs, flowers and ground cover, focal point statues, ponds and water features, and many other enhancements made to landscape amenities, all aid to accent the visibility of all your assets making them part of the environment when the sun goes down. This gives you a good sense of your property, can inspire you and boost your creativity (by creating a relaxing and restful place). It helps enhance a feeling of safety and security and encourages use of the outdoor space at night effectively increasing the living spaces of your home.

Pro: Designed to Suit Your Lifestyle

Berg-McCormick-100Custom landscape lighting in spaces are tailor-made for your needs – pretty much says it all! If one of your greatest needs is to have more beauty like artwork hanging on a wall, that is primarily viewed from within the home out windows, then that is an excellent feature to focus on. If you’ve been dreaming of having your walk-out patio usable at night with usable light over a table and soft accent ambient lighting around the perimeters then make it happen.  Your custom landscape lighting should not only enhance your life but reflect your unique style in any way possible.

Con: They Can Be Expensive

Understandably adding all of those wonderful lighting bells and whistles can, for some, mean spending more money than planned. Price can sometimes inhibit or hold back many people who desire fully integrated landscape lighting for their entire property. However, there are always solutions and often a great amount of maximization of your space can be achieved even with some conservative budgets. If you are on a limited budget, talk with a professional designer and be flexible to see what can be achieved before throwing in the towel on installing a custom landscape lighting system. Projects can always be done in phases as budget permits over time.

Pro: Add Value to Your Home

Streit-555Yet another undeniable fact is that custom landscape lighting will certainly add extra value to your home. This can be a big selling point, when and if you ever decide to sell or need to maximize the value of your home. Homes with good modern or custom LED outdoor and landscape lighting systems are a lot more desirable than its older and inefficient predecessors.

Custom landscape lighting systems are not a frivolous expense, they are actually an investment.  Additionally, custom landscape accent lighting creates a resort like feel in your yard creating the feeling that you are on vacation at a beautiful resort 365 days of the year.

Con: Your landscape Design Tastes Might Change In The Future

Some people may worry about getting a custom landscape lighting system installed  because they are afraid they may not like their landscaping in a year or a few years from now and may want to remodel it. However, this is never a good reason to hold off on improving the quality or efficiency of the landscape lighting in your home. If you often fluctuate with your tastes then working with an experienced landscape lighting designer may be the best option for you.

A good designer will work closely with you to understand your needs and lifestyle to help you get the most out of your custom landscape lighting for the longest time possible. They can be very strategic and also considerably creative in customizing a system for your current needs as well as your potential evolving needs over time.

Pro: Custom Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Not Set In Stone

Monkarsh-112Flexible designs are key to the ever evolving and changing needs of your life. Using products and options, like adjustable brightness and light spread LED’s and, will give you more opportunity to adjust things if things change and surely as plants mature and grow. If needed you can adapt your custom landscape lighting so that it suits both your style and whatever changes may be required in the future as and when they arise.

If you are ready to discover how a professional designer can minimize the con’s and help you optimize the benefits, then call the expert team at Gambino landscape Lighting today and Schedule your Landscape Lighting Design Consultation.

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