Why Great Landscape Lighting is Important to the Hospitality Business

Why Great Landscape Lighting is Important to the Hospitality Business

By Mike Gambino

Hospitality is an industry that includes restaurants, hotels, casinos, amusement parks, events, cruises, entertainment, and other tourism-related services. It takes only a split second to make a good impression on your guests, and lighting plays a huge part in this. The proper landscape lighting creates a warm, inviting, and friendly atmosphere that welcomes those entering, occupying and using your space. Currently the Covid-19 pandemic has prohibited interior dining and a greater focus has been placed upon exterior or alfresco dining. Get your lighting design wrong, and you could ruin Interesting architecture or a beautifully landscaped area. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, or bar, or other landscape lighting design cannot be ignored. Here are some of the biggest reason to concentrate on both functional and attractive landscape lighting for your business.

Increase mood with landscape lighting design

When arriving after sundown, lighting should be warm and welcoming to create a relaxing atmosphere for guests from the parking area right up to the front door. Pleasing lighting of the appropriate brightness and color temperature will help your guests feel safe and secure and make it easier to find points of entry at your building. LED lighting can be used in harmony with lighting controls to offer a flexible lighting scheme. For example, lighting zoning or scenes can be created and installed to control the intensity and zoning of your lights and should be adjusted depending on the time of night. This allows for precise adjustment at night, resulting in a more restful sleep for guests staying in hotels or resorts.

If done correctly, hospitality lighting can influence the mood of your guests. Attractive, well-positioned lights encourage positive feelings, which helps build customer engagement, increase loyalty, and improve customer retention. Don’t underestimate the power of good landscape lighting design.

Provide convenience with lighting design

Whether guests are concentrating on conversation, relaxing, or dining, the right lighting conditions must be provided to ensure good visibility for the task at hand. This is where task lighting becomes crucial. Area lights, pendants, and spotlights should be used appropriately to provide convenience for your guests.

Often at times, guests won’t consciously notice the lack of effective lighting they’re being provided, but they’ll certainly appreciate the convenience of good lighting once they’ve experienced it. So, be sure to consult with an experienced lighting designer to help attract and retain customers for your business. Your efforts to provide a superior customer experience won’t go unnoticed.

Activate senses with lighting design

Great lighting enhances your guests’ senses, making your food, furniture, and outdoor décor more appealing. Take time to examine your hospitality lighting or consult with a lighting designer for a professional opinion on how inviting and engaging your lighting is.

Luxurious spaces with stylish furniture and décor can be presented beautifully with superior lighting design. Likewise, rich entrees and fancy desserts can seem even more appetizing when the lighting is correct.

Improve energy efficiency with LED lighting

Businesses in the hospitality industry are some of the biggest energy consumers, and lighting plays a significant part in this. Installing LED exterior lighting and other lighting controls can reduce energy consumption and therefore costs.

The role of a lighting designer is to determine how your business can save on its lighting energy, without sacrificing aesthetics and functionality of course. This can be done by replacing outdated fixtures with LED lights with the combination of lighting controls. Also, with the increase in pressure for greener solutions, installing eco-friendly lighting will ensure you meet growing customer demands.


When done properly, hospitality lighting can set your businesses apart from your competition. Don’t blend in with the crowd. If you’re looking to enhance your customers’ experience with hospitality lighting, contact us at Gambino Landscape Lighting to arrange a professional design consultation at your site.

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